Wolf Warrior 2 - why casting Celina Jade was a terrible mistake

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    A few weeks back I wrote about Wolf Warrior 2 and how it’s a big deal for Asian cinema. I also made reference to my displeasure on the casting of Celina Jade.

    Celina Jade [birth name is Celina Horan] is the lead actress in this blockbuster film. Prior to this, she was relatively unknown.


    She is a terrible choice for a few reasons, which I list below.

    1. There are many Asian actresses who should could have been catapulted to become stars. Instead, that vehicle has been given to an outsider.
    2. Celina is a biracial woman [Asian mother with Caucasian white father]. By casting her in a leading role, Asians have stupidly again provided gigantic free advertising for white sexpats across Asia and further cemented white worship within Asians. The success of this film will send the wrong message to other casting directors eg biracials are good for business. They are not. They are not needed.
    3. Celina Jade is not even pro Asian. Her fiance is a white guy named Christian Gerard Mongendre. Keep in mind, she lives in Asia. She went out of her way to avoid Asian men to end up with a white guy.
    4. In the background of all this is a vile racist hatred for all things Asians in western media. This has been going on for over 100 years.


    1. No consequences. Asians who still have Asian roles [Ghost in the Shell, Dragon ball evolution, All You Need is Kill, Avatar, etc] stolen by whites do nothing in retaliation. Asians are humiliated with racist hate speech disguised as “funny jokes” continue to treat the same people with kid gloves.

    It is all unbelievably and unimaginably stupid.

    Asian men are probably the only group on earth dumb enough to promote their enemies and the anti-Asian children sired by their enemies. No one else does this.

    White men do everything with their media to castrate you and conquer your women. They refuse to even hire a biracial actress, Chloe Wang [Asian father with Caucasian white mother] until she changed her last name to Benett. That’s how much they hate you. They hate you so much even children fathered by Asian men are shunned.

    Yet, Asian men routinely hire afwm hapas and promote them without any self awareness.

    This is why you are in the situation you are in. You inflict ZERO CONSEQUENCES on your enemies. Until Asians learn this lesson and inflict severe consequences on anti-Asian racists, these problems will never go away.

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    @AttilatheHun We can speed up the process. It should not take decades. Fortunately, China has centralized controls for certain areas - media is definitely one of them. That can make the changes happen much faster.

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    @secondstrike Absolutely agree with all these points. Chinese culture should learn to prioritize AFs above all else. White worship will hopefully decline in the next few decades with the proof that purely Asian media can and will succeed.

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