What is Asiansoul's vision?

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    What is Asiansoul?

    First, Asiansoul is the Asian forum. We take pride in being Asian and share pro Asian news, stories, and achievements. We want this to be our safe space where we can let loose and just be who we want to be… We’re hard at work to add guides to succeed as Asians (especially while living in the West) and a network for internship / mentorship / and business connections. Membership is exclusive to Asians only.

    Second, people have asked us to improve Asian lives so we offer the following


    Unbrainwash Asians

    Whites treat us poorly yet many of us supplicate. Too many of us are ignorant of the white crimes against all Asians. Each of us has suffered our own racist holocaust by whites, but we see them as saviors and “white is right”. This happens because our history has been whitewashed and replaced by fairtales (eg Vietnam War is whitewashed by Miss Saigon).


    Adopt two key rules

    Rule 1 Asians for Asians – without intentionally harming others. Help, promote, protect, inform, and respect Asians. You must never be anti-Asian. The vast majority of our problems are not with Asians. The dating disparity/gender wars, racism against Asians, discrimination against Asians, etc has all of their roots in white racist supremacy.


    Rule 2 Inflict consequences on foes. It doesn’t mean violence. It means have a spine. Don’t smile, kiss ass, help foes when mistreated, etc. Make them suffer severe costs for their anti-Asian actions.


    Welcome and let’s grow together.

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    Agree. I’m excited about this vision and want to make this happen in our lifetime. Not amused with the status quo and we will be the first minority group that recognizes that this kind of subtle oppression is ‘between the lines’ - it takes effort to find and effort to break. While some communities go at the eventual outcomes, we will attack it at the root. Re: de-program Asians, this will be interesting. To me, our bottleneck is reach. Hopefully, with the IQ firepower of this group, by focusing on it, realizing it is make-break to get this right; we will combine ideas with action, testing and iterating. Without this, all our ideas may be world-changing but will never reach enough people.

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