Another Asian sister, Yuenting J, unleashes the truth - We Need to Talk About the Asian Women Who Hate on Asian Men

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    I was in the eighth grade when I first encountered a self-hating Asian. The person in question was a 1.5th generation Korean girl and one of the few other Asian students in my nearly all-white Canadian high school. Being (heterosexual) teenaged girls, we naturally spent a lot of our time together discussing cute boys. I can still remember her reaction when I mentioned that my long-time crush was the boy who sat in front of me during my after-school Chinese classes.

    “Oh, so he’s an Asian guy,” she said dismissively. Seeing the confused look on my face, she quickly added, “It’s just that they’re always so nerdy, you know? And most of them are kind of ugly, too.”

    We Need to Talk About the Asian Women Who Hate on Asian Men


    It’s interesting that such view points have been widely known and accepted by the MALE side of the Asian community, which was dismissed, ignored, downplayed by racist white males and self-hating/white worshiping Asian women for decades. Interestingly, the same views hold credibility when espoused by Asian FEMALES. Hapas (half white and half Asian children, typically from racist self hating Asian women and racist bottom tier white men) have also gone full force exposing the hidden truth about these so-called “progressive relationships” on rHapas on reddit,, longingfordeath and other sites. For years their detractors also tried to downplay their suffering as “isolated incidents”. With more and more normal [not self hating/white worshiping] Asian women speaking up, it will encourage others to do the same.

    The hardest steps are usually the first so thanks to the good Asian women like Yuenting and Natalie_ng for putting themselves out there. #NAAWALT

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