Dynasty Podcast by dtm_universal

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    DTM was the man who blew the whistle on the racist western adaptation of kpop called “Make it Pop” where there are

    No Asian guys on my show

    That set the Asian redditsphere on fire about two years ago. He owns a clothing line for MMA fighters and also street wear. Check them out at https://www.dynastyclothingstore.com/

    He recently released a few podcasts with some interesting guests. I thought you would be interested in hearing them take on real uncensored Asian life – none of that superfluous bubble tea and foodie adventure “activism”.


    Dynasty Podcast #00 - The Start of a Dynasty (Interview with Brand Owner)


    Dynasty Podcast #01 - Model Minority Myth, Hollywood Propaganda, Asian Stereotypes


    Dynasty Podcast #02 - Dealing With Bullying & Racism, Becoming A Martial Artist

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