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    I finally wrapped up a months long job of organizing my files after numerous technical setbacks so I’m celebrating by dumping a few data graphics. Next step is to put the text from the files into a csv for distribution. I could use some help so I welcome anyone who wants to participate. First category would be “afwm achievements”. Here’s a preview…


    You may be asking why? The facts are on our side and it’s important to leverage technologies to make our jobs far easier and far more wide reaching. I won’t go into more details here in case there are pink trolls.

    So reply to this or send me a chat msg if you’re interested.


    average faces of world races ethnicities - females [data].jpg

    average faces of world races ethnicities - males [data].jpg

    crime rates - crime in the United States - arrests by race and offense - all ages - 2007 - table 43a [data] [final] [must spread] [analyzed] [usa].jpg

    Crime Statistics Rates by Race Ethnicity [data] [chart] [2015].jpg

    demographic population growth over last 500 years [data].jpg

    Election Donald Trump - it’s white males against everyone - Let’s be honest here - 6 out of 8 scenarios has Red winning [2016].jpg

    Election Donald Trump - it’s white males against everyone else [2016].png

    firearm homicides for US cities vs foreign countries - no better than places known for violence from guardian.co.uknewsdatablog2012jul22gun-homicides-ownership-world-list [USA] [map] [data] [2012].jpg

    Overall, are you satisfied with the way things are going in our country today - China vs usa America by Pew [survey] [data] [chart] [2002-2014].jpg

    various sub groups of Asians kw dna, phenotype, faces, thumbnails - from aoic_hapas [chart] [table].jpg

    crime rates - by race - white, black, asian, etc [data] [chart] [usa] [analyzed].png

    East Asian Education attainment immune to poverty from PISA 1 - related affirmative action [data] [chart] [2012].png

    East Asian Education attainment immune to poverty from PISA 2 - related affirmative action [data] [chart] [2012].png

    Global Reserve Currencies since 1450 - fiat [1450-2010] [data] [chart].png

    related to usa petrodollar scam - world reserve currency don’t last [data].png

    SAT math score correlation with STEM degrees, patents, income, doctorates phd, publications [data] [chart].png

    Students in STEM fields by Top 10 countries nations of origin - Institute of International Education [2015] [2016] [data].png

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