HOLY SHIET this lilymaymac thing

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    Been gone a long time I know, but I saw an article about this instagram model that I’m sure you all know about and WOW! Rather than being upset this whole thing has made me really happy. I love how the whole ‘self hating asian woman’ archetype is actually starting to become known outside of the online asian american community. This archetype needs to be engrained in people’s minds. It would be a huge blow against Western attempts at anti-asian racism in the future.

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    @secondstrike Hi man yeah I actually made a point to stay away from the internet apart from just looking at mainstream news sites and following my own niche interests. Thinking about this stuff for too long feels like I’m looking into the abyss. I’m gonna check them out now.

    I feel bad for looking down on memes and all that other kind of stuff and acting like a know-it-all snob. I see now I was wrong and totally overlooking the power of symbolism, repetition and the power of the subconscious. I’m gonna go check it out now.

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    @Danger holy crap…! I thought you were gone for good. Did you see the memes in the project section yet?

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    @Danger Also I’ve been studying the success of the 4lt-r1ght in my spare time and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing the’re good at doing is tapping into people’s subconscious ‘reptilian’ part of the brain by constantly repeating basic themes, mesages and forms of symbolism that appeal to one’s sense of pathos. This is much more effective than trying to educate people with carefully constructed, logically sound arguments based on facts and figures.

    As such, it would be great if the image of the self hating asian-woman or self-hating fake asian feminist could become imprinted on the collective psyche of western society. This needs to become a thing…since like yesterday. However it has to be done in a way where people come to internalize this archetype on their own.

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