The hypocrisy of Whites calling out fake news

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    Although the acknowledgement of fake news in the Western media is an overall victory [it kills their credibility], we should be clear that, like many rallies for “justice” by Whites [most White protests against the Vietnam War were to save white soldiers, not to stop the genocidal wars against the Vietnamese people], this wasn’t driven by morality or even a recognition of foul play. Rather, it was driven by the perceived betrayal of their own interests.

    For years, their fake news put out anti-Asian and anti-poc propaganda. You can see the unbrainwashing section for a full list White men were absolved of their crimes owing to “mental illness” and “self defense” like clockwork. These lies too, were accepted as objective news reporting. No problem there.

    So, why this eruption of anger over fake news now? For the first time in their life, they have made the realization that their elites have turned towards plundering the nation itself at the expense of the populace - eg average Whites and their interests are being harmed. Whites refer to these things as “white genocide” and the media that provides cover for it, “fake news”. In the past, those were “other people’s problems” eg non-white people in places like Asia, South America, Africa, etc.

    Indeed, a lot of mainstream news is fake, but that’s not what’s they’re mad about. Let’s be clear.

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    @natalie_ng It’s a real pain that Asians don’t call out their bullshit at all. Some communities like Blacks do a much better job at it.


  • @secondstrike True. Whites are very good at lying. They lie and change everything; news, history, basic facts…that’s why they have what you call “propaganda”. Lol, heck, I believe all of western media is propaganda. That’s how they control everyone’s perception. Just keep everyone in the dark and they’ll always be seen as the “good guys.” For the most part, I do believe this is also what causes so many Asians and other POC to white-worship. The concept that whites are perfect and “can do no wrong” that whites, themselves, have brainwashed others to believe.

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    @natalie_ng That too, but this post was more about the relationship whites had with the news before Trump ran for office. Things like calling out white police brutality were a “conspiracy” to these people. They’d go on and on pulling up deceptive stats to show why there was no white police brutality - eg look, more whites get killed so there’s no racism in the police…but they don’t show you the per capita, in which Blacks are far more likely to suffer police brutality, high incarceration rates for the same crimes, etc. This is just one of the many reasons whites are so dangerous. Where else do you find an entire group of people lying through their teeth on a daily basis to defend scum? Outside of a small group of principled whites, you’re dealing with pathological liars.

    white man speak in forked tongue - First Nations proverb

    the white man cries out in pain as he strikes you - Mark Dignam

  • @secondstrike LOLLL is this about Trump and his supporters calling every single news outlet criticizing him “fake news”? Of course, fake news is the norm in the west for decades but it really is only being called into question now that so-called “liberal” news media is attacking the alt-right. ONLY when they attack white supremacists/alt-right, are they now suddenly labeled as “fake news.” But news coverage of the west’s parasitic relations with other countries? No complaints about that.

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