Racial Experience: Op-Ed

  • I have a random idea. I believe that every AA grew up in the US more or less have the experience of being bullied by whites (teachers, classmates or teammates) in the schools. Is it possible to use this forum to collect the racial experience and write to the major news media? Of course, we should ask for 1. plausibility of the story and 2. anonymity of submission (using some pseudonyms to replace real names).

    Racism starts from childhood. If we can call out school racism in a large-scale, loud enough so that white America can’t turn a deaf ear to us anymore, we can force whites to make some change in the school system. I believe it will help alleviate race relation in the long run.

    Thank you.

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    @CivilRightsAZN said in Racial Experience: Op-Ed:

    myopic Asian leaders think we can always survive by sharing the bus with whites.

    Definitely. places like rAsianAmerican are a great example. They prevent any discussion of the truth to look “respectable” to their white masters.

  • @secondstrike

    In a nutshell, majority of Asians have internalized cuck mentality.
    In addition, pan-Asian movements are far less organized than black movements.

    All in all, myopic Asian leaders think we can always survive by sharing the bus with whites.

    I kind of get it.

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    I should add that this is why I put such a big focus on unbrainwashing [eg unbrainwashing bootcamp]. The reason behind our stupid behavior is that we are brainwashed by both whites and ourselves. In the West, race matters tremendously. Only naive Asians don’t get this - even the morons who have lived here their whole lives. This is why we need to wake up immigrants ASAP. Every wave of these deluded people adds to the vast army of white worshipping / “we just need to assimilate” morons. When these people get indoctrinated in liberal-biased schools about anti-Blackness, feminism, bltg, and “Asian privilege”, it’s game over.

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    Not sure if I can enlighten you on this one, but IIRC, Jews helped Blacks a lot. Their reasons for doing so, I am not sure.

    Secondly, look at Black knowledge and behavior. There are vastly more Blacks who are aware of the truth about whites. They are not as susceptible as Asians with the whole “honorable white man” nonsense. From this awareness, they made the tools necessary to fight their oppressors - their own media [Black entertainment television], Black films, institutions, legal funds, even Black only schools, etc. These entities provided the tribalistic networks, out reach to spread the word, and consequences against white transgressors. Talking shit about whites and how malevolent they are is NOT considered “extremist” / “racist”.

    Compare that to Asians. We have idiots funding afwm films, talking about anti-Blackness while we got raped and murdered by Blacks, talking about White gentleman while they gang rape Okinawan women, talking about Asian patriarchy while they enjoy the safest environment for women probably on earth and far higher rates of positive representation in media as empowered women and business, calling any talk about afwm crimes/white racist hate “racist extremism”, praising and honoring afwm scumbags who smear our race, etc.

    In a nutshell, Blacks rightfully hit back. Asians smile at their attackers and then punch themselves.

    It sounds crazy, but for Asians to succeed they just need to stop being totally fucking retarded.

  • @secondstrike

    Please enlighten me. Why there is consequence for discriminating blacks, but whites can always get away with bullying Asians?

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    Sorry, don’t see a point in this. People know we’re bullied. There are studies about this. There are news about principals and management turning a blind eye. It’s often not the lack of awareness, but the lack of consequences that are the problem.

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