How Asians are brainwashed/taught/indoctrinated to self-hate and white-worship.

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    Summary Version

    Read this if you want a quick overview. A “Full Version” is included below.

    Perception is reality. - Lee Atwater

    Essentially, Asians are brainwashed

    Note, I use China as an example, but most of the analysis applies to Asians as a whole.

    Western control of global media (it is actually propaganda) shape perceptions and thus, control perceived reality. Propaganda is the foundation of western soft power and China’s awful soft power. Western soft power is lethal because it allows them to be wolves in sheep’s clothing while portraying a sheep like China, as a wolf. Aside from their contributions to science/technology and higher living standards, western soft power comes from propaganda.

    There are four keys to their propaganda: selection bias, lies, veneer of credibility, and repetition. With them, they fabricate two types of stories:

    1. Pro-white lies - fabricate/exaggerate their achievements/goodness and hide/downplay their centuries of crimes.
    2. Anti-China lies - fabricate/exaggerate Asian crimes and hide/downplay centuries of Chinese achievements/benevolence.

    As an example, you see white Christians building churches and glamorous cathedrals on tv, but you aren’t shown the five centuries of ongoing rape, enslavement, torture, genocides, and plunder done by across the entire planet by them. Here’s a small taste.

    Asians worship “western values” that are often partial mirages and hate themselves for crimes that don’t exist or are highly exaggerated/context less. Imagine waking up one day with a bloody knife in your hand and a corpse stabbed to death next to you. That’s us. We’re feeling guilty for something we didn’t do while the killer (Europeans) is lecturing you about western values and the benevolence of the Christian Lamb™

    Full Version

    Part 1 - Introduction

    Now, before you downvote this as irrelevant historical drivel, understand that if you want Asians to succeed, it’s important to understand why we have failed and why we continue to fail. It’s worth the 7 minutes it takes to read this. Also, no, I don’t hate all White people. They did a lot of good work in science, medical, engineering, fighting for certain rights, but their hypocrisy and propaganda needs to be called out so we can improve our situation.


    Essentially, Asians are brainwashed.


    During the past few hundred years, we lost major wars against Europeans which led to major interruptions in our education and specifically, national/civilization memory. We allowed these temporary defeats to define our identity eg losers. On top of that, highly biased (practically, propaganda) western media/news/culture kept telling you you’re trash and stealing everything worth being proud of (inventions, benevolence, exploration, culture, etc). In its place, were exaggerated/made up wrong doings like foot binding and so-called genocides. Furthermore, you’re also told how wonderful Europeans are. So, we wound up worshiping the aggressors and hating the victims. Note that individual memories are short while a nation/civilization’s memory can span hundreds of generations. If your group/race fails to pass on your history, you are effectively a blank slate that can be brainwashed easily. Many Asians are living proof. The following expands on this with examples.


    note: I pull lots of examples from China because that’s what I’m most familiar with and there are lots of examples. I’m not some nationalist that hates other Asians.


    Part 2 - Actual History of Western Imperialism vs Western propaganda

    The world is taught by western “academics” that China was backwards nations and that’s why they didn’t dominate world affairs. Well, not really…


    study of world power has been blighted by Eurocentric historians who have distorted and ignored the dominant role China played in the world economy between 1100 and 1800.

    China’s Rise, Fall, and Re-Emergence as a Global Power |


    “'Many North American intellectuals have this ongoing love affair with everything that is European, particularly with the European ‘social system’ and ‘European culture’ …
    Who built the European palaces, theatres, hospitals and schools - Whose blood was spilt so that Europeans could have their ‘social net’ - Whose lands were robbed - Whose labor utilized – ?..
    It is built on the enslavement of colonized peoples; it is built on the unimaginable horrors visited on those hundreds of millions of men, women and children, who were slaughtered mercilessly by the colonial European powers It is built through oppression, terror, and almost exclusively, on theft and plunder.”


    Part 3 - Modern day 1940+ ish present day Reality vs Western Propaganda


    Continuing with the China example, we “learned” about the Tibetan Genocide, Mao’s Greatest Genocide in Human History™, China aggression against India during the 1962 Border war, Falun Gong organ harvesting, Tiananmen Square tank man massacre, mass protests from Chinese people who want to overthrow the CPC, there is total censorship/can’t criticize the government/will be tortured in secret prisons, biggest polluter in the world, colonizing Africa, etc.

    ● All of these are context-less lies. You can read the debunks here that use western sources for proof.


    Now, how many of you knew these facts? All of it was news for me. See, for a while, I felt self hate too and these lies that I was taught were a huge part to do with it.


    Part 4 - Pro-White Western propaganda. - Crediting White people with Everything good


    important to emphasize how China, the world technological power between 1100 and 1800, made the West’s emergence possible. It was only by borrowing and assimilating Chinese innovations that the West was able to make the transition to modern capitalist and imperialist economies.

    China’s Rise, Fall, and Re-Emergence as a Global Power |


    Westerners claim China would’ve done the same (imperialism) if it had the “western brilliance” to invent the gun instead of playing with fireworks. But, the gun was invented in China along with the canon, mines, sea mines, grenades, rockets, multi stage rockets, rocket batteries, etc. They were also the most advanced sea faring nation with advanced navigation skills (thanks in part to Muslims).


    The importance of this is beyond technological history. The real value of these facts is it destroys the Western narrative of “all nations would have done what we did if they had the chance” that they use to absolve themselves of guilt and responsibility and instead blame the victims for their “backwardness”. China could have but chose not to.


    There are many other examples (legalism, early democracy (Mandate of Heaven), but I won’t bore you with them.


    Furthermore, concepts like all men are created equal, western liberal democracy, human rights, freedom, free speech, etc are often a mirage to some degree. These are the same people founded and built their empires on genocide,slavery, destroy other nations, and run an oligarchy — but many people don’t know this. they base their understanding off of pop-culture which is just advanced propaganda.


    Whites will claim even historical figures like Genghis Khan and Attila The Hun; fictional characters like Goku from Dragonball; Speedracer; Edge of Tomorrow, 21 (MIT Blackjack Team), Kung Fu tv series from 1970’s, The Departed (taken from Infernal Affairs), Pulse, Shutter, Shall we dance, My Sassy Girl, The Lake House…)


    Why? Why do this? This is only my theory. Seeing that these copies are often financial failures, I think they do it to steal soft power and to deny Asians of this asset. We live in a world, where western media portrays the vast majority of the world’s heroes as whites even though whites have been the world’s biggest villains. Think about it.

    British Empire --> James bond

    American Empire --> Superman


    Part 5 - Pro-White Western propaganda. - Whitewashing Western Crimes.


    Here’s some of the White crimes against Asians that happened recently


    Here’s one more



    Here’s how Europeans whitewash away all their crimes


    Their propaganda has worked so well that it results in 1000% lunacy such as this.

    These Asians are outraged that they cast a White guy over an Asian; and negative stereotypes of Asian women, but they’re apparently fine with the whitewash of the genocide and atrocities against their people.


    Instead of Asians fighting for justice, I commonly find Non-Asians Are Better Activists Than Real Asians™

    Nick Turse is not Asian yet he wrote this book exposing the horrific war crimes committed against the Vietnamese.


    What about the Japanese? You got one too, it’s called Snow Falling on Cedars, where an Asian female falls in love with a White guy…during the Japanese concentration camps of World War 2. This is a textbook in highschool filled with graphic sex scenes.




    But wait, there’s more. Almost everyone around you believes these lies too. They believe you’re live organ harvesting the Falun Gong practitioners, wiping out Tibetans, eating dogs and cats, running over democracy activists with tanks, etc.


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