CALEXIT -- California's secessionist movement -- 32% desire a split from USA.

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    Poll reveals 1 in 3 Californians support 'Calexit’

    California facts

    ● California is the world’s 6th largest economy.
    ● It’s home to one of the largest Asian populations in USA.
    ● Many of USA’s best scientific institutions reside here and that’s what matters - not shuffling paper around on wall street.
    ● The industries there are vital to America’s national interests: Silicon Valley [both hardware and software], aerospace/military, Hollywood, ports, agriculture, and Judeo-Christian™ pornography.
    ● 39 million inhabitants
    ● One of the most productive/valuable states of USA


    Potential consequences of an exit

    ● A massive and instant brain drain that will also continue weakening American technological leadership into the future.
    ● Military weakness caused by both a loss of defensive capability along its coast and the loss of power projection eg quick access to the Pacific Ocean - good for Asia
    ● Reunification by Mexico. California is already 39% Hispanic
    ● Accelerate economic decline of the remaining USA. It’s interesting what would happen when some of the most productive brains of the country are gone.
    ● Dangerous for Asians. The separation would destabilize the region and embolden the Hispanics in particular to capitalize on the situation.
    ● Spark off other secessionist movements particularly in Texas.
    ● Water shortage problems without federal assistance
    ● Opportunity for external actors to capitalize on the situation. For example, when Mexico was humiliated by the Trump Administration, Mexico responded by further engaging with China.
    ● Increased food costs especially in fruits and nuts.


    How do you feel about CALEXIT?

    I think carving off California will overall weaken America and deeply harm the Trump administration’s credibility and ability to push further changes without adjusting their rhetoric.

  • @secondstrike Yeah you have a point. Unless California starts resisting like crazy and the U.S. gov’t would feel forced to deal with it in more savage ways. I mean, if the American civil war is useful for guessing how this would go, I’d imagined it could still be very bloody. I heard a lot of Americans died in that war, if not more, than most other wars the U.S. has fought. It might go to show that sometimes the whites don’t even treat each other that humanely either…

    In any case, if the CALEXIT does happen, we’ll make it great again with a gold rush of golden people moving in

    Yeah, that’s the upside.

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    I’d imagine the way USA fights one of its prized states will be different from the way it fights “savages” [as defined by First Nations mass murdering, chink drugging, gook raping, zipperhead nuking White American “Christians”]. California would be useless to them if they destroyed it so they’ll likely try softer methods first. That should buy California some time to make deals with other nations. Look at how fast China came to Mexico’s aid when Trump starting yapping about building that Wall.

    In any case, if the CALEXIT does happen, we’ll make it great again with a gold rush of golden people moving in :)

  • I have family in California so I’m worried about their safety if this happens. California is a state that frowns down on guns and is very reluctant to allow certain types of rifles (especially ones that hold a lot of ammo) and things like silencers. Whereas, the rest of the other states, particularly the non-liberal ones, freely allow people to own all types of guns and even allow them to open carry. If California were to go to war with the rest of the states, I’m afraid California will easily lose big time, because Californians are usually not armed and even if they are, they don’t have much experience/practice using a weapon AND their guns are usually not as good as guns from other states (due to certain types of guns being illegal in CA). People in other states also shoot for fun so many of them are very fluent with guns. So if anything, I’m scared for California’s safety.

    Yes, taking California away will definitely weaken America but is it a realistic goal? Considering that Californians will most likely be outnumbered and out-gunned by the rest of America?

    Hypothetically speaking, assuming CALEXIT was managed to be pulled off, Hispanics may possibly capitalize on the situation, although I’ve read theories elsewhere that other powerful countries such as China will immediately park its navy on California’s shores the moment CA exits. So depending on the country that instantly takes advantage of the situation, it may or may not be bad for Asians. I know for sure that I would NOT want Mexico to take over California, seeing that they can barely run their own country as it is.

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