Is Satan is a code word for white?

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    You ever think white people might literally be the devil or related to them?

    I’m not religious but I found the parallels interesting. It wouldn’t be all that surprising seeing as everyone called them a white devil at one point or another.

    1 The Devil is a Deceiver

    First, they disarmed the First Nations with promises of “Christian” salvation before they stole everything. Then they claimed to be fighting for freedom and democracy only to enslave them–Updated
    /dp/1567512526/ and today, they’re claiming to fight for “human rights” before destroying them

    After they’re done defiling you, they dress it up as a heroic tale where they “saved” you - eg Rambo shows a white American soldier saving an Asian woman from evil “gooks” during the Vietnam War when in fact, the exact opposite happened


    2 The Devil is a Tempter

    Hook up culture, cheating, gratuitous sex, and violence in all forms of media, get rich scams, free porn online, lies to instigate wars and racist hate crimes, etc are promoted everywhere.


    3 The Devil is a Thief


    At a minimum, hundreds of millions of victims around the world can attest to the insatiable greed of white people. From stealing entire continents, to chopping off hands to end competition from the South Asian Asian textile industry during the British Raj, to stealing the labor of millions of slaves, who unlike many parts of the world, were NOT made freed after a short period of time, but rather, worked until dead. Today, their scams continue with economic hit men and the petrodollar super scam.


    4 The Devil is a Murderer

    At a minimum, hundreds of millions of victims around the world can attest to the cruelty of white people. In fact, there’s not a single large group that hasn’t been brutalized by them: All the Asians, Middle Easterners, First Nations of the Americas, Africans, Hawaiis, Australian aboriginals, New Zealanders, etc.


    5 The Devil is a Distorter

    The devil is not a creator; instead he takes what God has created and perverts it. A prime example of this is the area of sexuality. God created sex to be enjoyed by a husband and wife in the context of the marriage covenant. Satan has taken this gift of God and perverted it through promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality, pornography, and other distortions.


    Over 90% of the world’s porn produced in America. The other porn capitals are in Europe and the militarily occupied Japan, which produces the vast majority of Asian porn.

    BLTG extremism is created and promoted by the West.


    list of traits sourced from
    5 Characteristics of the Devil

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