Why Asian female disloyalty may be a deeper problem rooted in biology than "feminism" and surface explanations...

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    By chance, I stumbled upon this video and as crazy it sounds, I do see parallels in how weak eg “beta” men are a huge factor, if not the sole factor, in female defection. When I think about how ridiculously weak many Asian men are, I can’t help but wonder if this video has captured the essence of our problem. You can skip the first video and just watch the second one




    The summary for the second video:

    generally :

    1. Women have zero loyalty
    2. Women are easily socially coercible. You can easily coerce them by making them an outsider unless they submit eg spread their legs. This is what wm did to us. Women do this as an adaptation for survival during invasions. Women’s need to belong overrides everything.
    3. Women want powerful masculine men. Feminized betas are completely screwed. There’s no group of men more beta than today’s East Asian men.
    4. Women do not even realize on a conscious level that they’re doing this so talking to them is largely pointless.

    note: The channel is likely run by a wm sexpat and has an anti-China bias and pro-White/pro-European bias. Nevertheless, these two videos are instructive.

    Agree, disagree, thoughts?

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    @psylee123 There’s a big difference between potential [beast] and status quo [nerd]. I know there are guys who lift, but as a %? It’s very low, at least, where I live.




    more at http://forum.asiansoul.org/topic/306/guide-asian-men-style-guide-part-2-the-asian-male-look-is-sexual-suicide-world-wide

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    I agree with some points, the word 奸, as in 汉奸 = traitor. What radical does 奸 have? Oh, that’s right, it has the girl radical. So even in Chinese words, there are a lot of historical explanations there.

    But on the other hand, Asians are not weak. Unfortunately, Asians that have migrated here have forgotten their history. They have been conditioned that they are girly men. I suspect that a lot of forum members here have not visited the gym too often, or if they do, they are not very observant. If any of you guys have visited a ghettoish gym, you will find that a lot of Asians are very strong. Strong and slender too. It’s really only here in the Anglosphere that the whites have lied to themselves that Asians are girly men.

    Other white nations such as Russia, if you watch RT, they never portray Asians as girly men. As a matter of fact, Russia has always been fearful of Asia because of what the Mongols did to them. Russians know we are not weak. But the Anglosphere believes that Russians are macho men, Asians are weak, but Russians know we are strong. Interesting dynamic.

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    basically acting as a WF.

    They can try, but they’re just replacement/budget WF to wm, who are still butthurt they were rejected by them all.


    they assure their comfort in life and assure their offspring will have a better life in white dominated society if their offspring is mixed white

    Asians are highly complicit in this too. We encourage this behavior by talking up how beautiful “all” hapas are going to be, showing jealousy when she winds up with any wm with a pulse, give their hapas privilege, and welcome these anti-Asian afwm as power couples/thought leaders.

    just saw this and this is exactly what I’m referring to


    These idiots are just repeating white talking points, getting totally gas lighted, and the ever common, “I’m Asian and I’m not offended”.

    and then one of those guys posts this to show AM can make it too…



    I swear these guys are mentally handicapped. Anyways, this is why unbrainwashing is one of the main jobs we have to do. These guys literally don’t realize much of the problem is artificially created.


    I’m not still 100% on this theory (in the OP) since BM abandoned BF for wf and they’re dudes.

  • @secondstrike They’re not thinking about morality because it’s not even a concept in their heads. To them, it’s just, “I should embrace the invader to survive” and that’s it. They have no alternate way of thinking other than that. It goes back to what I was saying about animals behaving solely on instinct. Animals have no concept of morality or higher intelligence. They’re very simple-minded creatures who do everything based on their need to survive.

    It’s not like if she picks an AM, that they’ll die some horrible death.

    No, but their animal instinct tells them that because white society is the dominant global power, perhaps by trying to get accepted by it (marrying white) and having half white offspring, they assure their comfort in life and assure their offspring will have a better life in white dominated society if their offspring is mixed white. Of course, this is ALL based on animal instinct, so other factors such as the fact that hapas usually aren’t as readily accepted by white society as their mothers like to believe or that WMs who tend to get with AFs tend to be losers are not considered by them at all.

    It’s kind of like a “monkey see, monkey do” type of thing. They see white people having life on easy mode, they want that same life on easy mode, so they do everything they can to mimic them; marrying white, embracing white “culture”, having white kids, etc…basically acting as a WF.

    Not saying all women act like this but a large portion do because relying completely on animal instinct is literally brain dead easy. The ability to notice a pattern such as how most WMs who get with AFs or other WOC tend to be losers or the ability to think on a higher moral plane and have concepts such as dignity and loyalty will require an unusually observant individual or an individual with high ethical/social intelligence, which unfortunately, is hard to come by.

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    @natalie_ng I’m not sure if they’re even thinking about morality. Does morality even get a chance to show up in most cases? It’s like how people, especially when they are young, often confuse infatuation with love. It seems to be that these thoughts are subconscious since we don’t live in a pure jungle environment. It’s not like if she picks an AM, that they’ll die some horrible death.

  • Women do this as an adaptation for survival during invasions. Women’s need to belong overrides everything.

    In a lot of ways, I think humans are like a pack of lions. Male lions often try to conquer other male lions’ prides (their pack of females) by killing the males of that pride so that they can mate (spread their genes) with the females. And the females usually just go along with it when they see their male protector killed off or chased off by the invading lion so that they still have a pride to belong to. The lionesses could’ve chosen to follow their original protector and be exiled together but nope, most lionesses rather stay and mate with the invading lion.

    I guess what I’m trying to get at is that perhaps it has to do with biology, not necessarily even just society, especially if the same behavior can be observed in animals. Perhaps because raising offspring takes so much work and resources from the female, she rather stay with the more powerful group (the one that won the battle) to assure adequate support and protection for her offspring. Of course, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to justify female actions, rather, I’m trying to explain why they behave the way they behave.

    Because I suspect that it’s biological, which could be the reason why

    Women do not even realize on a conscious level that they’re doing this

    I do think, as with anything biological, it takes a certain level or combination of self-awareness and morality (ethical intelligence) to be able to override those natural instincts. Morality and intelligence are the two main factors that separates humans from other animals that act 100% on their instinct but in this case, morality is the bigger factor that comes into play. Take a starving adult for instance, watching a starving child eat. The adult’s natural impulses/instincts would tell him/her to take the food away from the child for themselves to assure their survival. But depending on their level of morality, they may not, if they feel that it is unethical to do so.

    To tie this back to the main topic, I think this may go to show that many of these women lack morality, so such “honorable codes” for human behavior such as loyalty goes completely over their heads. Acting on biological or animalistic instinct is far easier for most, which could explain why the majority would choose the animalistic route.

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