Anglo-American hypocrisy -- "We believe in free trade"...until we're losing.

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    At the end of World War 2, the last man standing, USA, who suffered only minor scratches, established the foundation and led the march towards a globalized world economy. They like to tell you that it was due to “American benevolence” that all countries prospered.

    Not quite.

    While there were exceptions such as certain occupied vassal states like South Korea and Imperial Japan, both of whom grew under American protection and American technology transfers in exchange for military bases to pursue world domination

    Other countries endured the latest incarnation of Western Imperialism.

    For a while, it worked great. Non-white countries were plundered and made destitute while the West looked like a “good guy” while actually loan sharking them.

    The first symbolic event that showed “free trade” and “Western competitiveness” wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be was Japan’s sudden “decade[s] of stagnation”. During the 1980s, Japan was predicted to take over USA as the world’s preeminent economic power. Anti-Japanese sentiment spread rapidly just like the anti-Chinese attitudes of the past 5 years [See Vincent Chin’s murder by two White men who mistaken him for a Japanese]. The rise of a non-white power? No! That was unacceptable to the White elites who “believe in free competition” and “all men are created equal”.

    In 1985, America setup the Plaza Accord with Japan and other “allies” to orderly devalue the USD currency to make American exports more affordable on the world market [lower USd currency --> cheaper American exports --> more international buyers]. It worked and in effect, the America’s economy was saved by Japan economic harikari.


    Fast forward to 2003 and USA pressured China to agree to Plaza Accord 2.0. Owing to the fact that China is much larger, is not militarily occupied, and is armed with thermnonuclear warheads, China said “no, thanks”. Much later, the Obama administration tried pressured China to free-float the Chinese currency. Again, China said “no.”

    See more here -

    Without Chinese economic suicide to boost the the American economy, what did they do?

    They elected Donald Trump whose platform relied heavily on anti-globalization because they could no longer compete


    And, that is how Westerners “compete”. Familiar right?

    White man + non white women [after centuries of war, rape, and media mind control] = progressive, post-racial, true love
    Non-White man + white women [after fighting through a racist society of White male jealousy and hate] = white genocide™

    Whites dominates a sport that only rich people can afford to compete in [with a long history performance enhancing drug use] = Master race genetics
    Chinese man wins a sport that anyone can compete in = cheaters, cruel training, robotic, soul-less + change the rules so they win less

    Whites invade, commits genocide, and steals entire continents = Spreading White Christian civilization, human rights, freedom, and democracy
    China building on tiny uninhabited islands in its own backyard = bullying, imperialism, totalitarian regime

    Whites beat Blacks on IQ tests = Master race
    Asians beat Whites on IQ tests = they’re not creative, no leadership skills, IQ is only a part of the story, they’re lemmings, etc

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  • Very typical white hypocrisy. They couldn’t stand seeing Japan (a nonwhite country) outplay them in the field of economics so they did exactly what they hate on China for doing now. It’s sickening how they go around complaining about what China is doing when they did the exact same thing years ago, yet they still get labeled as the “good guys.” If only the Japanese news media years ago did the same, criticized them for what they were doing and showed what they truly were (and still are); hypocritical bad guys.

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