Real White Men - YouGov data from 48 separate surveys reveals that young white men are seen as the worst ethnic, gender or age group on five negative traits

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    People often think I am exaggerating when I say whites are a racist and duplicitous bunch of degenerates. Well, wonder no more…

    The people we regard as the laziest, rudest, most promiscuous, drunken drug takers are white men in their twenties.

    Three of the top six are Chinese, Jewish and black Caribbean

    The lousy reputation of young white men is one of the most striking things to emerge from our surveys. When we look at individual characteristics, white men in their 20s have the worst reputation, out of all 48 groups, for drunkenness, sleeping around, hard work and politeness. They also have the joint worst score, with young black Caribbean men, for a belief that they are prone to drug taking.



    YouGov | Introducing the most derided ethnic group in Britain: young white men:


    For those who haven’t gotten up to speed, Hollywood is NOT real.

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