Why are you emulating Western macsulinity? That's self hate. /sarcasm

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    What is “Western” masculinity? Do you mean Physicality? Honor? Bravery? Chivalry?

    nUnkQXum.jpg kEkkBUam.jpg

    My wrath bristles through my helmet, the rain stops as I stand by the rain;
    I look up towards the sky and let loose a passionate roar…
    Let us ride our chariots through the Helan Pass,
    There we shall feast on barbarian flesh and drink the blood of the Xiongnu.
    Let us begin anew to recover our old empire before paying tribute to the Emperor.

    -General Yue Fei


    Over a 20-year period, this super soldier rose to the military rank of Overall Commander of Imperial Forces, while emerging victorious in 126 battles. He earned the respect of those he commanded as he was stern and fair yet caring. He also invented a half-dozen styles of martial arts, wrote sweet poetry about the annihilation of his foes, and honored his parents.

    Today, he is revered as a national hero in China, a symbol of patriotic loyalty, honor, intelligence, and courage.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe during the same time…



    You got brainwashed into thinking desirable masculinity is “Western”. The West loves to racialize anything positive and fool you into believing that they hold some untouchable monopoly. Another example is Western “ingenuity”. Since when is ingenuity Western?. Here’s one final example: Western humanist traditions.


    Pursue traditional Asian masculinity [scholar, warrior, gentleman].


    ps. These rugged eSports champions and sensitive otakus will never be seriously revered by Asians or anyone on earth.


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