The Great Wall film 2016 - another useless Chinese joint venture that promotes afwm and white dominance over Asians. Director, Zhang Yimou, has betrayed us twice.

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    The Asian entertainment industry…

    It’s remarkable how infantile they are. They repeatedly sabtoage their own soft power efforts while succeeding wildly at promoting Western soft power. Is this a coincidence? How is this possible? Do they not observe how racist Western media is towards Asians? This film like others has been written by whites, who have for centuries spread and highly racist and distorted view on Asians.

    why are they allowed any creative control beyond special effects?

    Some examples of major Asian failures include:

    ● selling their IP to Western film studios who whitewash their roles eg All you need is Kill and Ghost in the Shell

    ● financing films that push afwm narratives inside their own markets

    ● cherry picking the best looking afwm hapas as celebrities that has highly contributed to Asian women’s “white fever”

    ● giving creative control to Western writers and directors, who consistently push afwm narratives

    ● promoting girly men onto the screen. Here’s “superstar”, Lu Han mykyiRV.jpg


    I believe Asians in Asia are oblivious to Western styled psychological warfare disguised as entertainment. They cannot understand how entertainment could and would be be weaponized in such a nefarious way – the same way First Nations had no idea white “Christians” who preached love and peace were about to mass rape and exterminate them.


    The Asian soft power industry should not worry about grand plans at this stage. They should focus on not stabbing themselves in the face repeatedly. That seems to be a challenge for them.


    Defenders of The Great Wall film [2016] told early critics to “give it a chance” [this film is directed by Zhang Yimou, who made an American wm an anti-hero in the film, The Flowers of War, set during the second Japanese-Sino War. He should have instead expose how America helped create this massacre while profiting off it.]


    Here’s the first imdb view for The Great Wall

    The latest Zhang Yimou flick is definitely a ‘leave your brains back at home’ type of adventure. Rather than serving as a work of art, like Mr Zhang’s other works, it’s purpose is to bank as much as possible with it’s predictable story-line and overstuffed cast of big names who aren’t used to their full potential. There are too many characters that aren’t explored and are therefore pointless. The majority of the scenes are given to Damon and Jing Tian’s clichéd ‘will they, will they not-potential lovers’ character arcs. In fact a good 25% of the film seems to focus on Jing Tian’s face.


    Since these outrageously dense Chinese entertainment people don’t get it, we need to show them in the reviews and ticket sales. Go there and make a statement

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