Isn't Afwm [Asian woman white male] = Amwf [Asian man + white female]. Aren't Asian men hypocrites for dating out when they dislike afwm?

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    They are very different.

    White guys have done everything possible to castrate soft genocide Asian men and conquer Asian women including and not limited to invasions, war, mass rape, dropping two nuclear bombs, using chemical and biological weapons, genocide, smearing Asian men with lies for centuries, and even spreading anti-Asian culture/Asian men lies and funding anti-Asian authors and actors (Amy Tan, Ken Jeong, etc) to be their “leaders”. Western society’s attitude towards Asians is built upon enslaving and then killing off Asian men and creating fake “preferences” for Afwm couples by socially engineered self hate and white worship by Asian women.

    An afwm pairing = subjugation of Asians. An amwf pairing is fighting back against white racist hate.

    There’s endless proof in the form of almost exclusively Afwm psychopathic hapas who go commit serial rape, serial murder, terrorism, hate themed porn, etc. All of these crazies like Elliot Rogers and Daniel Holtzclaw espouse white supremacist beliefs and hate Asians. Visit for thousands of pages of proof.

    The only groups who disagree the loudest are those who hate Asian men and Asians like the mentally unstable Jenn Fang of She hangs out with only non-Asians. Married a non-Asian and at one point “advised” Asian men to turn gay to fix the dating disparity. That’s not an ally.

    Below are some messages from honest Asian women themselves.

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    AMWF or AMXF will never be the same as WMAF because the women who get with Asian men are usually the ones who see past Hollywood Bullshit 101 whereas the non-Asian men who often get with Asian women tend to be the ones that embrace Hollywood Bullshit 101. One relationship is formed out of fetishism and stereotyping while the other is the complete opposite; seeing past stereotypes. Not only that, but because there is so much social stigma surrounding the idea of dating AMs, it takes a special type of woman to reject everything society told her about AMs as well as ignore disapproval from friends and family to be with an average AM. And not only that, but women who often get with AMs get harassed by men of other races so any relationship to occur between an average AM and non-Asian female IN SPITE of all of that is absolutely worth some respect.

    Some may disagree with me on this but I have no problems with posting regular AMWF couples from IG as well as posting famous celebrity AMWFs. The reason for that being that too often, TRP/alt-right white men laugh at how easy it is for white men of any caliber (and I really do mean any caliber…from handicapped to old to obese) to get with an Asian woman. Showing very regular Asian men who are very average in terms of looks and money but who are still able to get a decent looking WF is a slap to the face of those white men. It’s essentially fighting fire with fire. Obviously, other benefits include showing young Asian guys that it’s still possible for them to be successful in love, in spite of the many obstacles they have to jump through.
    Many of those who criticize constant AMWF posting often complain that there are not enough AMBF and AMLF posts to balance that out, which makes the OP appear “white-worshipping.” My argument to that is that yes, while AMBF and AMLF should also be encouraged, AMWF is the main focus primarily because of what I said previously in my 2nd point. White men are the ones laughing at our entire race (for how easy they can get the women and for how difficult it is for our men to get theirs), they are the ones spreading much of the racist bullshit about AMs to discourage other women from getting with them and they are our main oppressors. Showcasing AMs with BFs and LFs may be motivational in terms of encouraging AMs to put themselves out there more but it does absolutely nothing to hurt WMs. It does absolutely nothing to counterbalance the fact that WMs can still easily get AFs while still being racist pieces of shit to them at the same time. THAT is why AMWF is focused on and needs to be focused on so much.
    For those who say by posting too much AMWF, we are uplifting WFs and giving them a status symbol; my counter to that is that half of the reason why WFs are assigned such a high status in society to begin with is due to the fact that not all men can get them while their men can seemingly get all women. If we can successfully show that AMs can get WFs easily as well as encourage that to happen irl, that will help rip away much of WF’s perceived status because then, it will show that all race of men can now get them while cucking WM to death. Cucking them to death will be made even easier if AMs manage to raise their status through all of this and turn many AFs from WMs while still being able to attract WFs.
    And speaking of ripping away WFs’ perceived status, that leads me to another reason why AMWF/AMXF is not the same as WMAF. As unfortunate as it is, but the way society sees things is that men who are able to get many types of women are respected while women who get with many types of men are not as much. Not trying to slut-shame but just stating a fact as to how the world sees things. There’s a biological reason and societal history for this stigmatization of “easy” women but I’m not going to get into it here since it’s besides the point. The point is though, AFs make themselves easy for WMs and perhaps even for other non-Asian men but not for their own men. On the flip side, WFs are the complete opposite. Who do you think will get more respect automatically? On the flipside, any men able to get various types of women will instantly get more respect so really, promotion of AMWF harms nobody (except whites) and is only a win for our community because it shows AMs are worth respecting. So AMWF gets respect for our community, WMAF has the opposite effect, which are the major differences between the two. Also unlike BMWF where BFs are harmed/stepped on, AMWF has almost no effect or harm on AFs at all because due to media, stereotypes, or simply our skin color, etc…AFs are already considered very desirable.
    Which, of course, leads me to my next point. AF privilege is a thing. It’s real and it’s a thing. Yes, I’m an AF and I’m willing to admit that. AF appreciation is all over the place—many of it may come from stereotyping and fetishization but that doesn’t negate the fact that we’re still being showed as sexually attractive. Why else do AFs get treated so much better than AMs? I have sped and ran traffic lights but the moment the black or white male cop pulls me over and sees I’m an AF, I get let go with nothing more than a warning. Can’t say the same for my husband and the tickets he received. Heck, you don’t have to look very far to see AF privilege is a thing. People often brush this sub off as filled with “angry, bitter men” but the moment I speak out for all of you guys here, I suddenly get an influx of support from liberals (Asian and non-Asian) in my private message inbox or on twitter. In fact, that is how white douchebags over at r.againsthatesubs often try to invalidate my words—by insisting that I’m an AM and can not possibly be an AF. They know that by dismissing my femaleness, they are able to render my words powerless and just paint me off as another “angry, bitter AM.” THAT is how strong AF privilege is, even to the point that some WMs at r.againsthatesubs are afraid of it. As a matter of fact, I’m almost certainly sure the reason why Jennifer Murphy who made her racist “Neenja” video got so much flak from other non-Asians was because there was an AF in her presence during the time she filmed it. Had that AF been an AM instead, I suspect things would’ve gone much differently. So it’s absurd to think that I (or other AFs) would feel “underappreciated” or neglected if I’m shown random pictures of men I don’t know with women I don’t know. A few AMXF posts does little to harm the pedestal that many AFs are placed on.
    Even if there are some AFs who will feel alienated, at this point, do AMs really have anything to lose? When they’re already at the far end of the food chain in terms of dating? The only AFs I can imagine who may feel alienated are the ones that are on the fence of the situation, not the white-worshipping Lus (those will remain white-worshipping no matter what) nor the extreme anti-white worshipping ones such as myself and paintthefqnwalls but the ones that are neutral and/or completely naive about what’s going on. But with nearly 40% of AFs already marrying out (that’s not even including the ones cohabiting), will alienating a negligible few AFs in the hopes that one day, we’ll gain respect and dignity as a whole community worth it? I’d say so. Besides, if there are AFs out there STILL getting butthurt by the small amount of AMWF seen around the world despite the opposite being paraded everywhere and despite AF privilege, they probably have deep-seated issues that even therapists may struggle to help them with.
    Last but not least, to expect AMs to stay loyal while 40% of AFs marry out is absolutely suicidal to our men. Promoting AMWF or AMXF will at the very least encourage younger AMs and let them know that they have options. Granted, it still is very difficult for AMs to date out compared to other men but when you’re raised in a society where all you see is your opposite gender counterpart (from friends to family) only dating people that does not look like you, it’s gonna take a toll on your self-esteem and psyche. Seeing AMWF or AMXF will at least counteract some of that and you’ve gotta be a real selfish, cruel and heartless individual to be against that. And really, if 40% of AFs don’t want AMs, then it’s really just basic human decency to be supportive/encourage AMs to find happiness and start families with other women. Promoting AMWF/AMXF will at least motivate some of our men who are feeling down about the dating scenario and as a community, their happiness should be our happiness.
    To my AMs out there that are trying to sympathize with us when they expressed concerns about AMWFs making us lose our self-esteem, I really do appreciate it and I do thank you for your attempt to take our feelings into consideration. However, as a group, you guys are much more oppressed than I am, which is why I advocate that we concentrate on your issues first before we tackle mine (and other AF) problems. One thing at a time but together, I think we can make it :)

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    imma come out and say it as an AF.

    AMWF = / = AFWM. Not even close.


    it’s not a double standard because the intentions of AMWF and AFWM are two very different things. in my very personal opinion, the AMWF relationship uplifts the Asian male while AFWM degrades and fetishizes the AF in AFWM. the key is the intention. the intentions are different. i’m on team Asian so whatever benefits our image as Asians, I’m game for. If you choose to determine the value of the white partner, then yes, you might see it as putting the ‘white person on a pedestal’ regardless of AFWM or AMWF. but why are you assigning value to the white partner when white people don’t assign us any value in the first place? i’m talking about us as outsiders viewing in, not the people in the actual relationship. that’s their own problem and I’m sure they can deal with it.

    and white society, asian females who only date white men, the Asian male is included in the word Asian. I see a lot of AF who claim to be proud of being Asian dating white dudes while ignoring the issues of Asian men. Asian does NOT only encompass the Asian female, qi paos and phở. Yes, unfortunately, who you choose to date affects how younger and impressionable AM think about themselves. you might think ‘how fucking weak do you have to be to get mad about who i date?’ then don’t get mad when we cheer for AMXF. oh wait… (and to be fair, i don’t have a problem with AMXF unless they start explicitly shitting on AFs like a lot of girls in AFWM shit on AM)
    If it were a perfect social climate, and people’s treatment of us wasn’t so affected by the hollywood machine, then none of us would give a fuck who dates who and r/AI wouldn’t exist.
    i participate in other online communities and ppl usually assume i’m an asian male and i’m usually up against sexpats/WMs of WMAF. they’re the fucking scum of the earth. although i’m not going to say 100% of WMAF are terrible but majority are scumbags, fullstop. lolol, after experiencing the toxicity from WM first hand when they assume I’m AM, i really have NO fucking sympathy at all. NONE.
    but yes, i also do think u/adoscafeten has some merit in his points. i prefer AMAF over all else. and yes, when you’re an AF first browsing the sub it does skeeve you out at first but then you get the reasons why once you get deeper in it, and IF you choose to stick around. nail in coffin once you start to experience it first hand. so yes, AF who first come around might get scared off… but you have to realize AM are your brothers, fathers, husbands, cousins, uncles, and your future children. it’s NOT just about you as an AF. also you have to remember, as per the sidebar, r/AI is “a space primarily focused on Asian men” so i can’t really complain. if it gets too much for me, i’ll just bounce. and yeah, you do have a point that posting “every little” AMWF in every little relationship is kinda weird but then you do have to realize that younger AM need to see that the average asian male can hook up with anyone they want too cuz not everyone looks like godfrey gao. i’d want my son if i had one to feel normal too. i wish we didn’t have to do that but that’s how badly western media has fucked up some of us. not all of us are free from the influence of western perception, though i wish we were.
    and this problem is NOT contained to the west which is why it’s such a big fucking problem. all of this applies to Asia as well aka sexpats and the women there who would pick a balding fat loser weaksauce white male over a respectable, hard working Asian male.
    tldr amwf and afwm not the same thing, need more positive imagery of asian men regardless of XF.

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