CCTV - News - Chinese scientists develop Biological 3D printing

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    This is a big deal. Live organic blood vessels are now printable.

    LMFAO at this guy explaining the tech. Looks like he’s bored out of his mind.

    Transcript below

    0:00 3d printing technology is no stranger to
    0:03 the world this time
    0:05 chinese medical researchers brings the
    0:07 concept to a whole new level by creating
    0:10 blesses and these are no prostatic
    0:12 vessels they are organic world’s first
    0:16 3d bioprinter was invented last year
    0:18 using bio-ink made of living stem cells
    0:21 from rhesus monkey researchers are able
    0:23 to create layers of new cells to fuse
    0:26 with the old ones
    0:27 Norman said that cut notice in five days
    0:29 new layer of endowed emmis will be
    0:31 formed
    0:32 meanwhile the smooth muscle cells will
    0:34 grow as well within 28 days all these
    0:37 cells will go through tissue
    0:38 differentiation super that means the
    0:42 tissues we implanted will have mingled
    0:44 with the original ones in grown into a
    0:46 regular vessel this is unprecedented
    0:49 experiments were conducted on 30 rhesus
    0:53 monkeys
    0:54 after months of observation scientists
    0:56 discovered the 3d printed battles had
    0:59 completely planted in and all of the
    1:01 subjects are in good condition and
    1:04 printing 3d blood vessel is quite
    1:07 remarkable but what is even more if the
    1:10 printer vessel that it contains all
    1:11 sorts of bile active substances if we
    1:15 can apply this technology to blood
    1:17 that’s awesome
    1:18 then we can also use it on livers my
    1:20 uniqueness and other open without that
    1:23 is how groundbreaking how this
    1:25 technology is the technology is still in
    1:28 its early stages in the future
    1:30 one can imagine this might be a
    1:32 lifesaver for those who are suffering
    1:33 from organ failure

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