Wahlberg gets off light for violent racist attack (charged with attempted murder) on Vietnamese man

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    Wahlberg gets his pardon from the only person who matters – the VICTIM: Man he beat and racially abused says he forgives star and reveals he had no idea who his attacker was until now

    He was teenager in Boston when he punched Johnny Trinh in the eye and beat another Vietnamese man around the head
    Wahlberg knocked Johnny Trinh to the ground as he fled other attack and then shouted racial abuse about 'g***s’
    At time Trinh was said to have been blinded in one eye and Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder


    Seems to be another case of undeserved forgiveness. Time and time again Asians are assaulted by racists. How come Wahlberg got off so easily? How come every time a white racist attacks an Asian, it is an individual problem, but when something happens to whites at the hands of say, blacks or latinos, it is a racial matter? If it was a black guy attacking a white guy in this manner, what sort of comments do you think white people would have?

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