Snowden Hurt Pentagon Push to Recruit Hackers - Carter

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    Edward Snowden’s decision to leak information about classified U.S. surveillance programs set back the Pentagon’s push to recruit cybersecurity experts, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said.
    “There’s no question that Snowden set it back,” Carter said of the effort to attract top talent from tech companies in Silicon Valley and beyond for cybersecurity positions.
    “It created a tremendous amount of suspicion, concern, and disinclination to engage,” he aded.

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    Lies are the foundation of white supremacy. People act because they think and believe certain things. Most people are not evil, but misled. Few would agree to “commit genocide against innocent people”, but many could be fooled into doing just that if it’s called “fighting for democracy”.

    That’s why Western lies must always be exposed and their voices discredited. That causes mass distrust, disobedience, defection, and subversion against the wrong white power structures.

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