Things that I learned about the alt-right.

  • I had some free time, and out of trying to understand our greatest competitor, the racist whites, I learned what they are afraid of, what they hate, and what they want. And these information should help us create a strategy against them and their racist goals. Because, they are one of the prime obstacles for a pro-Asian society in America/Canada/Australia.

    What the Alt-White want:

    1.) Basically they want an all white country or at least a country where only the whites have the privileges and entitlements to rule and govern the country.

    Obviously, this is the exact opposite of what we want. Forgetting about Europe, because that’s “their” land (I’ll come back to this later). The Western Hemisphere (North and South Americas), and even Australia are contested lands, especially North America. Don’t let these Europeans tell you otherwise. Don’t let these Europeans think it’s their land. North America originally belonged to Native Americans, who migrated from ASIA, so we’re the fucking heirs to these parts. Additionally, let’s not forget the contribution of Asians/Chinese had in the development of the United States and Canada. We are ENTITLED to this land and more.

    Having said that, it’s obvious that there are more than 2 groups in the continent. There are blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Jews, etc. While Europeans want sole supremacy, we, Asians over the millennia have developed a mature culture of cooperation and friendly competition, thus are able to cooperate and live in harmony with other people as long as they respect us, and are willing to cooperate. So, multiculturalism in America/Canada and Australia should not be a problem for us. So we should be practical and befriend and cooperate with other multi-racial groups in out-competing the whites.

    That means voting for politicians and referendums that support immigration/easy citizenship to America, Canada, and Australia. Besides the very nature of immigration laws is racist. It was because of the large influx of the Chinese in the 19th century that the U.S. first enacted immigration law, with the Chinese Exclusion Act.

    2.) Alt-right Europeans hate Hollywood/Jews

    It’s no secret some of us here also are against the racist Jews, and most if not all of us hate Hollywood for emasculating us/our brothers, while objectifying/fetishizing our sisters. We actually both want to dismantle the Hollywood nature/sentiment, but for differing reasons and purposes, so please don’t think because they hate Hollywood and we hate Hollywood, we can be “friends”. Maybe in the short-run, but in the long-run, these European racists would do the same.

    They want to keep on perpetuating Asians as submissive/subordinate. It’s our job to put their racist asses in their place, by showing and flaunting our strength and power, while revealing these Racists fragile ego. And, I’ll give you an example of their fragility.

    Most of the Alt-Right, believes that Asians are on average have higher IQ. Obviously they can’t deny that Asian students are out-competing all demographics, including Europeans in academics. But, instead of just accepting that fact, they have to add a LIE about Asians or falsely bolster their race in order to keep their fragile mind from breaking to pieces. They either say Asians are just cheaters, or they are smart but aren’t creative. That although Europeans on average have lower IQ than Asians, Europeans have higher level of testosterone that makes them somehow more creative and take bigger risks.

    Basically they ignore scientific and demographic facts that shows Asians have on average higher testosterone levels, are more potent, and virile (just look at our population compared to theirs). They ignore the fact that Asians are more likely to be self employed and take the risk of owning their own shops. They ignore the history of their forefathers, when they shook and shat themselves as the Huns and Mongols slaughtered them, and took their women. Hell, the Tsars, Crusader/Latin Kings, and the Byzantine Emperors gave the Mongols and the Timurids their daughters out of fear and submission. They ignore the scientific/commercial contribution that the East has made for the world like paper money, gunpowder, the printing press, rockets, trigonometry, medicine, martial arts, etc. They ignore their own history when Western civilization was a hell hole in the Dark Ages and it was the Arab Muslims that held their Greek/Western culture and history from disappearing. They ignore their own Savior and God is a BROWN JEW.

    Do you see how fragile these racist Europeans are? They know when they look at themselves, they only see a delusional brute. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t any good parts of Western culture/contributions. Personally I like those Europeans with liberal views, obviously they don’t and arguably can’t empathize in our struggles with us fully, but their willingness to be open to diversity, to listen and cooperate, make them good Europeans compared to Racist Europeans. Remember, Brothers and Sisters, there is no need for hostilities when the other is willing to learn and cooperate. And, besides as long as liberal Europeans respect us, accept our culture into theirs, and stop discriminating us with affirmative action, emasculation, and objectification, there is no reason we can’t live together. WE are civilized after all.

    Well, that’s it for now. But if you guys/gals want, I can keep on doing these posts, I mean if it’s not informative, we can just laugh at the pettiness of these Racists.

  • @secondstrike The irony is they feel oppressed under a true meritocracy. When these racists lose their advantage, the feeling of competing under equal terms is too hard and severe for them, they think it’s a genocide of their culture and people. LOL

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    alt-right is just white fragility on steroids. They see themselves as victims and it was only possible because they are totally brainwashed by their society to blame external actors for their own war crimes (cause of terrorism), greed (offshoring of jobs), stupidity (blaming foreigners when robots took up most of their jobs), mismanagement (budget deficits), inferiority (Asians stealing coveted college admissions), etc. They have every possible advantage over non-whites. Proof? NONE of them would trade places with us, but make no mistake they are the oppressed ones /sarcasm.

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