• Make no mistake we, who are born or live in the West, live in the the FRONTIER.

    What do I mean by that?

    We live in a hostile environment. We live in an alien society that emasculate our brothers and objectify and fetishizes our sisters. We live in a society that SHAMES and humiliates our own noble heritage and values. They brainwash us with vile propaganda, that we can’t drive, we have small dicks, and we can’t lead. But in truth, we drive the best according to their own organization (https://crashstats.nhtsa.dot.gov/Api/Public/ViewPublication/810995). We fuck the best (look at our own population size), and we lead for most of human history.

    These whites wants US to think we are docile and submissive but in TRUTH, Asians, particularly East Asians were the most aggressive people in history. Look at the warring states in China, Korea, and Japan. The Chinese had to create the strictest legal system on the planet, known as LEGALISM, to stop killing each other, even then that didn’t fully stop Chinese from fighting and conquering. The Koreans had to adopt strict Confucianism to stop the infighting, and the Japanese had to develop a polite society from the senseless violence of the diamyo/samurai. The culture of collectivism, harmony, and peace that the West state is Asian’s true nature, was in fact developed to contain our strength, our power, our spirit to fight and conquer. It was out of maturity, out of peace and the well-being of the human kind that Asia didn’t conquer the world. Remember that.

    But back to the FRONTIER discussion. We live in a society that warps our mind, brainwashes us to worship or idolize an inferior and barbaric western culture. Remember our Eastern culture, is far superior, as it kept us from exploiting, stealing, lying, raping, and instigating genocide throughout the world unlike the West, that has committed these sins and more. In a way our time in this Wilderness, a perpetual fight for our identity and soul, has made us different and ignorant of our true-selves and identity. We will never be like our brothers or sisters in our beautiful Fatherlands, but that doesn’t mean we are not part of it. Although not part of any Asian government, we are part of the Asian culture and civilization with just different roles. And, because we, Asian Americans or Asian Westerners are bound to each other as we share the same difficulties and brain numbing influence we are part of a corps, we are very similar to brothers in arms. So we should depend on each other and cooperate, no matter the differences at home (Asia).

    Similar to special forces in hostile territories, we are agents but NOT of governments but culture and our own community’s empowerment. We can either learn as much as possible use that in the Arena/Wilderness and earn prestige, power and money and return to our Fatherlands as Asian equivalent of conquistadors/explorers or we can view ourselves as colonists ready to influence, change this hostile environment to our own. Never assimilate to something that you never can’t be, especially when it’s inferior to your original culture and identity.

    Work out, love each other, strengthen each other, and trust each other. Peace.

    Don’t get me wrong, as Asian Americans we shouldn’t look at American society as an enemy, we SHOULD look at is as an cultural, political, and economic arena. Every group is fighting for their piece of the pie.

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    @Christopher We don’t need that kind of attitude here. Keep your criticisms specific to the crazy Asian women who hate Asian men instead of all Asian women or all women.

  • @Christopher Lol, hey! Not all of us are annoying :laughing:

    But yeah I agree, condoms can be annoying. Don’t agree w/ the women part tho :P

  • Condoms are like women…most of the time they’re pretty annoying, but you need them to get laid.

  • @CrimsonDudeYoutube Yeah I agree. Woke Asians are pretty rare and if they’re female, they’re even rarer. Your gf sounds like a keeper since she’s woke. Those are hard to come by.

  • @natalie_ng I wish you and my girlfriend became friends. She’s also woke and has hard time talking about Asian issues with other Asians because many just don’t get it.

  • Remember our Eastern culture, is far superior, as it kept us from exploiting, stealing, lying, raping, and instigating genocide throughout the world unlike the West, that has committed these sins and more.

    I think we also have more humanity than westerners, hence why we don’t go around destroying other countries and killing the natives off, even though we’ve always had the capability to. We’re not barbaric and savage-like like westerners–we’ve always been a lot more civilized than them. Hence why even though it’s been hinted many times that China may have discovered America first (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3152556/Did-China-discover-AMERICA-Ancient-Chinese-script-carved-rocks-prove-Asians-lived-New-World-3-300-years-ago.html), the Chinese never attempted to kill off the entire native population nor do hideous acts to them like purposefully giving them diseases. It was only the barbaric westerners who had no hesitations of committing such crimes against humanity.

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