Prepare for the inevitable oppressive and discriminating Trump regime.

  • Trump is going to be president and is appointing lots of alt-white (insecure whites) into his cabinet, and has a recorded anti-Asian senior advisor Steve Bannon, at his side. So let’s take precautions. We were already living in an anti-Asian barbaric society, and it will only get worse.

    So in order to prepare for that I think everyone who is able should:

    1.) Legally arm yourself. If you can get guns legally, get guns. You might argue that hey “if you defend yourself against whites and shoot them when they threaten your life, the police will still blame you and label you as the aggressor” Maybe, but having a fighting chance through the legal system and using the “model minority” image to our benefit, is better than being beaten to death.

    2.) Vote for those that at least have favorable views towards immigration, diversity, etc.

    3.) Save up or go to universities/grad schools/professional schools. At universities hopefully you’ll find woke Asians or at least find a group of people who knows some manners to not call you a chink or a gook. Plus, networking.

    4.) Use VPN or hide yourself in anonymity. You think Trump is going to stand still as the public humiliates him? Nah he has no maturity for that, he is going to try to make examples, and it might not be blacks because he doesn’t want riots, it might not be Mexicans because again he doesn’t want riots or even Muslims. There is a good chance it will be Asians because our community is perceived as quiet and docile.

    5.) Bulk up and become fit or train in Muay Thai, Judo, or BJJ. We should always be fit in body and mind. And we can’t afford to have the skinny rich look. We are the FRONTIER MEN/WOMEN. We live in hostile environment that warp our minds, that hurts our well-being and in many cases threatens our livelihood. Go to the gym and hit those weights. Be a living example of Asian masculinity and strength, be rugged, be fucking dominant. Let these whites see you as aggressive cold figures, who will punch their weasling soul if threatened or attacked.

    6.) Cooperate with like minded/woke Asians. This is the time to unite in resources, coordination, information, and even confidence. We have to depend on each other, because there is no one else. You can’t trust the Blacks with their #notyourmule bullshit, or the liberal whites who wants to emasculate us and stab us in the back with affirmative action. Every time you see an Asian young or old having trouble in the public, help them. If you see Asian(s) being verbally and racially harassed or attacked, mother fucking help them. That doesn’t mean you should jump in and risk your life in a dangerous situation(s), It means take the appropriate action. Never be indifferent.

    7.) Learn YOUR language, culture and history. With Trump and his weasling fucks, our social, cultural and economic environment is going to get worse. And for those of you living in white homogeneous neighborhoods you’re going to feel very alone, emasculated, and weak. Learning YOUR true language, culture, and history will not only give you practical skills such as knowing another language in your resume. But you’ll find solace and sometimes even strength. Your Asian soul will thank you for it.

    You guys/gals can add more in the comments…

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    @CrimsonDudeYoutube Thanks for the list. Here are some of my thoughts…

    1. Avoid - avoid getting into potentially dangerous situations.

    2. Safety in numbers - travel in groups. If you’re going to dangerous areas then travel in multiple groups. If one group gets in trouble then the second, third, etc group can call for and do backup.

    3. VPN’s are not all created equal TOR is better but can still be compromised by the government.

    My policy is to never do or write anything incriminating eg never advocate for violence, denounce calls for violence, etc. There are better and safer methods to get justice.

    1. Stick up for each other and be the change you wish to see. Don’t just wait for other people to stand up against bullies. Do it in your own life. These public instances awaken other people even if you don’t feel it’s a big deal. See a guideline here

    1. In terms of fighting, it’s best for you to work on your avoidance, awareness (so you can get away from trouble fast and/or scare off trouble makers), and flight. Do not fight unless you have to. That shit is just hollywood fantasy. The safest and most reliable option is running away. So get on the treadmill.

    2. Share awareness wherever you can. Comments online, real life, family, social gatherings, etc. See for examples.

  • @tour_operator I fail to see radicalism in my posts. Are you denying the history of the West from inquisitions, Crusades, reconquistas, American slavery, Native American genocide, exploitation and coloniazation of Africa, Asia, Americas, and Australia, the use of smallpox in eradicating civilizations, breaking of treaties, Jim Crow, Japanese interment camps, Chinese Exclusion Act, racial quotas, etc? The list can literally fill series of heavy volume books.

    “I don’t remember who wrote it, but for a minority in order to gain access and adjust structural and conjunctural trend, one must also take over meta-politics/communication”

    Yea, I agree Asians should take over the meta-politics/communication. Maybe it’s my fault for not being so clear. I DO NOT advocate for violence or war. I advocate for putting Asian culture/issues first over other groups. I advocate of retaining our Asian identity, culture and values. I advocate for changing the American culture/society through commercial, economic and political means, not violence. I advocate for being proud of one’s heritage and history. Is that wrong? Isn’t this forum and subreddit about that? Maybe I’m in the wrong place then, or maybe you are.

    "I am pretty sure a little percentage of naive minds would fall under the trap of being hijacked and being tooled by your deep state instead of being viewed as a key agent. "

    Nice subtle, ad hominem. Being bold and assertive and calling out the truth is not radical or wrong. Hell the Founding Fathers of America did worse.

    "Just saying, it’s internet there a vpn will definitely not help AT ALL."
    It will help, it won’t guarantee complete protection but the barrier is still of use.

    “As you mentioned, there are “good” or “bad” people in every groups. Gain allies instead of ennemies, win/win is preferable.”

    Yea, make allies in situational needs. If there is a discussion of Affirmative Action, build a collation with white males against Affirmative Action. If there is a discussion of immigration, build a coalition with Hispanics. Etc.

    But I think we differ in one important aspect here. There is no win/win situation. White culture is a warmongering, if not expansive culture. Look at the U.N., look at the IMF bank, look at all the international organizations from for profit to non-profit, it is set up to maintain the racial hierarchy. Maybe with other cultures like Africa, Arabia, etc. we can co-exist, but not with white culture. We have to distort it from the inside by changing it to our benefit. And that should be one of the main roles for Asian Americans/Westerners.

  • Agree with most of this! I’ve been practicing with my pistol and shotgun for the last few months (because my husband thinks the same way as you–being armed is a good idea) and managed to pass the test for a concealed carry weapon permit. Now I’m just waiting on my permit.

    On no. 5, I also wanted to go into martial arts but my husband emphasized lifting weights and running because he figured if he could get me fit and strong, I could at least out run fat, racist white Americans or choke them to death, lol. But I think martial arts is a good idea too.

    Definitely agree with 6. We really don’t have any allies but ourselves. With blacks/hispanics, not only do they already have some anti-Asian sentiment within their communities, but you got the likes of LLAG going around trying to make them hate us even more. So really, we only have each other. Might as well be kind and support each other.

    For no. 7, I would like to add that it’s a lot easier nowadays to learn about your history, language and culture with the internet. You can also watch documentaries online or just read about it. I got real lucky because I had parents who were extremely knowlegeable about ancient East Asian history (on virtually everything, including the legends) and who were adamant on making me practice our language everyday. But even then, I find myself learning more from the internet. We literally have 5000 years worth of history and culture. Unlike western history, ours seem ENDLESS in comparison, which makes it fun to learn about.

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