Donald Trump wins the 2016 American election -- This vile racist is the new president of the USA?

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    Whatever pretense, and it was always a pretense, of America being a melting pot of “post-racial” rainbows has been wiped off like yellowface makeup.

    Donald Trump, a vile, racist, misogynistic, sleazeball is the new president of the USA.


    Who voted him in? Tens of millions of primarily white men and women.


    Education, gender, age, and income all made a difference, but race was the key factor, by far.






    The Idiocracy has arrived


    There are many dangers and blessings ahead depending on where you live.

    Asians living in America

    You are in danger. Trump is a demagogue

    political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

    He ascended to presidency on a platform of racism, hate, and empty promises. He promised Americans a miracle…which he cannot deliver. That is…

    ● The greatest danger of all - the combo of empty promises and scapegoating.

    The risk of making grandiose and unrealistic promises is that when reality dashes those inflated expectations people become even more discouraged, more cynical and perhaps even more prone to violence

    Trump’s empty promises - Baltimore Sun:


    Why is this dangerous?

    Manufacturing jobs haven’t disappeared just because of trade deals and imports and foreign tariffs. Today’s manufacturers use everything from robots to product-tracking systems to trim costs and increase efficiency and quality…other countries are not responsible for “stealing” them for us. Instead of blaming China, Japan and Mexico for America’s loss of manufacturing jobs, Trump should instead blame the innovative “Made-in-the-USA” technologies

    Why Donald Trump won’t be able to bring US factory jobs back - unless he can negotiate with progress and technology - AEI | Carpe Diem Blog » AEIdeas:


    The areas of greatest danger are the hollowed out manufacturing areas. I predict many more Vincent Chin-like situations because Trump can’t get those jobs back and he will continue to point fingers at innocent people like us for “stealing them”.

    ● He legitimizes racists and is supported by the racist KKK and alt-right

    Being president legitimizes his dangerously racist and baseless views into the mainstream. What was once “politically incorrect” will be given a new lease on life - to become acceptable and even encouraged.

    The white resentment over “political correctness” that has kept their worst instincts locked up will now unleash itself and lash out against the minorities who they hate for any reason - real or imagined eg China bashing.

    Asians living in Asia

    Assuming he sticks to his foreign policy objectives, this could be the end of American hegemony in the Asia region. He promises to pull back American military bases from the region.

    He also promises to get close to Putin, which is a mixed bag. It’s uncertain how such a reversal of attitudes will affect the Chinese/Russian cooperation that has, for the past few years, held the American regime at bay.

    Similarly, in trade, he opposes the TPP, which was designed to be an economic noose around China’s neck. It seems to have already failed, but Trump’s opposition towards the TPP is welcomed.

    He wishes to use tariffs against China, which will likely backfire due to the complexity of trade networks and counter-tariffs.

    The only thing that is concerning is his views on nukes and war. I hope the quote of him asking why can’t we use nukes is just fabricated. Otherwise, he’s mentally unsound to command the world’s most powerful military.

    The racist blessing in disguise

    Without the temporary mask of “political correctness”, whites reveal themselves to largely be the racist we long suspected. And now, we have undeniable proof. This could be a major turning point in the awakening of all Asians that includes the dismantling of PAA “progressive Asian activists”, a sarcastic term for self-hating Asian activists who care about everyone except Asians. In America, these lunatics are one of the largest and most vocal group of activists speaking on our behalf…

    Sexpats, losers, and other degenerates in Asia will hopefully get some reciprocal treatment seeing as the gloves are off.

    End of American empire. Rise of Asian power. Relative world peace.

    I don’t know Trump’s exact plans regarding USA’s militaristic policies. If, however, he does turn more isolationist and pulls troops back especially out of the Middle East, he could unknowingly end the petrodollar system. See…America is in a bind. It’s supported by a endless credit card called the petrodollar. Nations that try to end it by switching to another currency, have been overthrown by the US military [Iraq and Libya for example].

    If Trump ends its militarism in the Middle East then the petro dollar system will eventually end and with it the American empire. It’s a big if.

    Thinking ahead

    Over the next few days and weeks, us Western Asians need to organize and prepare for the increase in anti-Asian hate violence. Britain’s ‘Brexit’, founded on similar nativist sentiments saw a surge of anti-Asian hate crimes.

    After some thought, I think it’s only responsible that I share their [white people] perspective.

    A more nuanced view

    Although for minorities like us, race is the big issue, Trump didn’t just get elected on that alone. To understand why Trump got elected, one needs to look at how whites feel about their country and their candidates. A few themes emerge.

    ● [not sure about this point. see below]They are sick of candidates that pander to the elites at the expense of the average citizen [see Princeton study, US is an oligarchy]. That citizen has seen his quality of life eroded by changing demographics due to immigration, loss of jobs due to automation and offshoring, and a debt-enslaved society [eg college debt with shrinking job opportunities]. A big part of their disillusionment isn’t something a political party can fix. The American baby boomer generation enjoyed an unprecedented situation - the destruction of many of the world’s largest/developed nations post WW2 leaving USA the sole power to monopolize markets and drain the world of its best brains. It’s much harder to be “superior” when your competitors are no longer in stretchers.

    Fact is, media keeps telling the wrong story- they say this is a “white working class revolt”. But people making under 50K went for Clinton. Every income bracket above 50K went to Trump… The WhitePride white person is not the hillbilly or the white guy “on the other side of the railroad tracks” who you never see. He’s your neighbor.

    credit to Arcterex

    ● They are sick of the constant wars that kill its children, hurt the budget, the incite anti-American/anti-white hatred.

    ● They are sick of the extreme liberals who have pushed political correctness too far by accusing even the tiniest things as being racism.

    ● They are sick of deep-rooted corruption. Hilary herself is a war criminal as were Obama and GW Bush. These criminals bail out the corrupt while leaving the little guy to suffer.

    ● The men are sick of extreme feminism and the resulting misandry. Being told you have privilege and to stop oppressing people when they [from their point of view] have done nothing is grating.

    ● This isn’t just in their heads. Their rates of depression and suicide have been rising in the past few years. The pain is real.

    For those reasons and more, it’s understandable why they would vote trump.

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    On one hand, the election is the equivalent of a practical joke pulled by European-Americans on all of America. Words cannot describe how loutish and unqualified this man is; there is no equivalent in recent history. None. The dull cacophony from leftists about Bush was to-be-expected from them; in truth, all they did was exhaust putdowns and deprive them of usefulness for later on. I have never laughed harder than I did at a Presidential-level event than I did during the first three debates; I mean there are no right answers, but there are some answers you just know are wrong. Such as him saying he wanted to help the income divide by in his words helping the “biggest corporations”. Or dwelling on trivia when discussion overall foreign policy by questioning why the military announces attacks. It was grade school level.

    On the other hand, I do believe we are entering a dangerous era in American history. Some assume AltRight will have its moment and subside. I wouldn’t count on it or assume it will happen. 58% whites voted for Trump; this compares with 59% for Romney. Some people haven’t caught that. What this means is that if Trump’s race-baiting antics continue, there’s no reason his white support couldn’t go up - perhaps to 2/3rds of whites. Enthralling them along the way by kicking the doors down of minority homes to get at people who “shouldn’t be here”. Arresting Asian scientists accused of “espionage” with no evidence – all to the hurrahs of the masses and the braindead minority sycophants, these very white unwise individuals who could not correlate Trump’s campaign to what it meant for them (30% of Asians and Latinos voted for Trump; each voting more for Trump than they did for Romney).

    On r/AI, we talk about how bad Asians have it. I hate to burst our own bubble, but we have no idea how bad it can become. No f*cking clue. Seriously. It’s quite possible the things we complain about today will seem petty compared to what happens a few years from now. People are assuaging their own fears to ease cognitive dissonance; I remember these same kind of people were saying “Calm down, Trump’s not going to get the GOP nod”, then “Calm down, general election voters aren’t going to go for this nonsense.”. These same people who haven’t learned a thing are now saying “Oh don’t worry, he won’t do what he promised.” or “Oh, America won’t keep attacking minorities”. Says who? No reason to suggest Trump will discontinue race-baiting as President, esp. if it worked so well for him as a candidate. I think the degree to which we think of Trump as an oddity (which it’s hard not to), and the degree to which we think this is “business as usual” and it will “all work out in the end” will to be our serious disservice. No allaying of cognitive dissonance or exchanging of comforting but ultimately hollow reassurances about how Trump “won’t be so bad” will allow us to escape the predicament if he goes from strength to strength as he has for the last year, if he does what he’s been saying he’s going to do (to all minorities in one way or another), and if white people form the massive racial voting bloc they’re in the midst of forming. We will look back at threads from r/AI from 2015 and long for the good old days.

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    I’m late on reacting. I went to bed thinking “no way…LOL imagine”. Then I woke up and it was like…shit, still dreaming. I couldn’t believe Donald Trump is going to be your president. I still can’t. It’s so funny and horrifying at the same time. I’ve been saying this for awhile now, if anybody needs a wall it is Canada. Good lord.

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    @tour_operator trump supporter I take it?

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    I was living in Australia at the time they had those race riots. Watching all this happen I am reminded of a conversation I had with an Italian friend of mine who lived close to the original scene. I still remember him looking around all amped up saying “those cunts better not come to my house or I’ll smash their kneecaps with my bat”. I remember not taking the train that day as I knew there were white scumbags travelling in packs looking for non white people to bash up, including women and the elderly. I hope things don’t get that bad here, but we gotta be sharp and stay safe.

    It’s sad to say but there may be more vincent chin type of incidents happening in the coming years.

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