Jarred Ha, victim of racist white "justice" system - 2015

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    The following happened over 1.5 years ago.

    Jarred Ha was the victim of assaults by white female college rugby players and a white national guard. In both cases, he was the one being assaulted by white attackers.


    Jarred with close up of large scar [left], racist white attacker Graham Harper [right]

    The Western media spins the story around to paint Jarred Ha as the aggressor and the whites, the national guard in particular, as a “hero”.

    Here is an in-depth analysis by an Asian woman.



    In January 2015, a University of Washington (UW) junior named Jarred Ha was involved in a violent incident with Maddison Story, a female UW student (and rugby player) and Graham Harper, a male UW student. Before the incident occurred, Ha and Story were tenants of the same apartment building. According to Ha, Story “routinely took up two parking spots, which had become a sore subject among the other tenants.” When he saw her outside a dorm where many UW rugby players resided, he approached her and suggested that she needed “to park straighter.”
    Depending on whom you ask, what happened afterwards varies significantly. But it is undisputed that a fight broke out between the two after Ha made the comment. Soon, multiple female UW rugby players (four, according to Ha) and eventually Harper joined the fight against Ha. Ultimately, Ha ended up using his knife against Harper. The knife was “a Karambit . . . with a curved, 2 ¼ inch fixed blade” that he had received from his father as a gift for self defense purposes. When 911 was called, Harper was found with stab wounds and cuts on his left leg, chest, and groin. His abdomen was punctured, “causing a small section of intestine to protrude.”
    Unlike the media coverage of this incident, which focused on the disputed violence between Harper and Ha, this blog entry focuses on UW’s unequal treatment of the three students. In particular, it criticizes UW for failing to discipline Story and Harper in the same manner as Ha when evidence suggests the two were complicit in this violent incident. In fact, Ha was the only student who supported his story with two unbiased witnesses.
    Story and Harper are White. Ha is Asian.

    [click link for more]

    UW’s Unequal Treatment of Student-to-Student Violence: The Case of Jarred Ha | Michigan Journal of Race & Law:


    Here’s an example of the Western media.


    National Guard reservist Graham Harper stabbed six times protecting woman | Daily Mail Online:


    Finally, the “justice” system punished Jarred, the victim and none of the white attackers.

    While still in jail, Ha was notified that he was suspended from the UW and barred from campus.
    Ha said he has attended academic disciplinary hearings and was ordered to take an alcohol safety class. He has been told by the UW that he can reapply in the fall, but he hopes to get back in before then. No one else involved in the fight faced disciplinary action, said Ha’s defense
    Ha, who moved back into his parents’ Bellevue home after they bailed him out of jail, hopes to return to school for the spring quarter. Norm Arkans, the UW’s associate vice president for media relations, said federal privacy laws prevent him from commenting on Ha’s status.
    “My brother got everything taken away from him — his schooling, his friends, his life was just completely put on hold,” said Ha’s older sister, Vanessa, who graduated from the UW in 2012. “It’s just so unfair.”
    When Vanessa attended the UW, her father, Joe Ha, became alarmed by the frequent safety alerts his daughter received on her cellphone from UW police. He gave her the choice of carrying a Taser, mace or a knife for protection. She chose mace.

    Cleared after stabbing, former UW student wants his life back | The Seattle Times:

    It’s worth noting that this racist national guard has an Asian girlfriend.


    When Asians highly distrust Asian women with white men, this is exactly why.

    Bottom line is that in a white society, don’t ever think the justice system is there for you. There are many other instances of outrageous injustice such as Vincent Chin, Chai Vang, all the many rapes and murders of specifically Asian women by white men that were ruled “not racially motivated”, setc. These are not isolated incidents.

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