Hong Kong Tops List of Foreign Donors to U.S. Schools

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    Hong Kong Tops List of Foreign Donors to U.S. Schools

    HONG KONG—Two billionaire brothers’ pledges this month of a combined $370 million are just the latest example of Hong Kong’s wealthy lining the coffers of U.S. universities.

    The $350 million gift by the younger brother, Gerald Chan, to Harvard University’s School of Public Health, which will be renamed for the brothers’ late father, is the largest gift in the school’s history Ronnie Chan’s pledged $20 million to the University of Southern California’s occupational science and therapy program, which will be renamed after the brothers’ still living mother.

    According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of U.S. Department of Education data, Hong Kong has been the top international source of large gifts to U.S. colleges, giving $181 million during the period between January 2007 and November 2013, the longest continuous period of foreign‐gift data available from the department.

    Without counting the Chans’ latest contributions, Hong Kong donations make up 17% of the world’s total donations to U.S. universities, ahead of the U.K. ($147.6 million) and Canada ($136 million) over the period.


    How come Asians donate the most to US universities, who practice Affirmative Action, which specifically discriminates against Asians?

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