China concerned about death of Syracuse student from Beijing

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    The Chinese government expressed concern Tuesday about the death of a Syracuse University student from Beijing whose body was found behind an apartment
    complex near the campus. Yuan Xiaopeng, 23, was found dead after residents nearby reported hearing gunshots Friday.

    China concerned about death of Syracuse student from Beijing:

    Express concern all you want. Unless you inflict consequences nothing will happen. Their “will take this very seriously” is a joke. Every year Chinese students get raped, murdered, beat, and robbed. How many whites suffer in China? Are there any cases at all?

    The disparity is insane.

    White trash pedophiles and sexpats enjoy a perfectly safe environment in China and the rest of Asia while preying on its people. Extremely well-behaved and valuable Asians are in great danger all over the West.

    Why won’t the Asian community and Asian governments sound the alarms. Asians are too tolerant. The solution to racism is not tolerance, it’s consequences against the aggressors such as boycott universities who ignore our problems, pulling crucial investments, putting the uncooperative cities under dangerous area watch lists to hurt their tourism, etc.

    This insane tolerance is killing us. Only Asians are deluded enough to tolerate so much.

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