An example of how they always see us as perpetual foreigners

  • Woman Gets Rejected From Job Because White Boss Thinks She’s Not American

    An Asian American woman’s Facebook post has gone viral after revealing a jarring instance of discrimination and racism in the job market.

    Tiffany Trieu, was excited about a job that she had applied for until she sent a LinkedIn message to the company’s president. However, her excitement quickly dissipated when she received the president’s response. She wrote in a Facebook post:

    “Racial discrimination in the job market is real. It’s unfortunate I had to experience it myself to believe it.

    “I am speaking up about this as I and many of my friends are on the job search. We are all looking for a work environment to pour hard work into, give back to the community, and build a career (hopefully paying off college loans, too). For someone to turn you down before they consider what you can offer because of their assumptions based on how you look, your race, your nationality…that is extremely disappointing.

    It’s interesting to note that this white boss is in LA too, where there are TONS of Asian-Americans yet look at how quick he is to write her off as not American. I want to call bullshit on him “not knowing” that she’s American, especially when he’s in a city FILLED with Asian-Americans. I think he just doesn’t want to hire her because she’s not white.

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    @natalie_ng Ya, I am working on some new ones after reading Arc’s alt-right post. We need some counter memes.

  • @secondstrike Nice meme, lol. You made it yourself?

    @qwertyui1234567 I’ve explained before a few times why I am the way I am on AI but perhaps I haven’t mentioned it here yet. I grew up in an enclave but let’s just say in a nutshell (because it’s a really long story) my parents have told me stories of whites acting violently towards them (especially towards my dad) and I’ve witnessed myself what my husband had went through and while whites do not treat me as badly as they have with my husband and father, let’s just say their treatment of me is still pretty degrading (throughout college and at work). It might not appear degrading to most women, in fact, some may even find it flattering, but I’m not as thick-skinned as many women are so to me, it’s just humiliating.

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    @natalie_ng You’re an Asian woman who grew up in an enclave. You shouldn’t be this jaded. What kind of racist shithole are you living in? Get out of there.

    Now, if you’re actually an Asian man who grew up in the south or the midwest, those feelings would be completely normal.

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    Is it bad that I’m cracking up at the idea of the"Trail of White Tears"

    @natalie_ng No. It’s a beautiful thing. lol


  • @secondstrike LOL! Is it bad that I’m cracking up at the idea of the"Trail of White Tears" when you move them to their reservations?

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    I hope this is true one day. I hope those of us who live here will become citizens of the Pan Asian Federation someday.

    I already picked out the sites for the European reservations and drew up the plans for their alcoholics anonymous centers [along with 24/7 liquor supermarkets].

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