Why can't we ignore racism? Why bother fighting? It'll go away on its own.

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    Asians have tried both approaches for a long time. How has that worked out?

    The simple reason is that anti-Asian racism will continue as long as it the ROI [return on investment] is positive. In other words, when the benefits out weigh the costs.

    Asians are extremely high ROI. They treat you like dirt yet you work in labs to build their high technologies and weapons; work hard and efficiently while being blocked from promotions; get insulted in media but still give them your business; castrate you while bedding your women; discriminated against in schools but donate to their universities; etc.

    It’s truly insane.

    This is why Asians must inflict consequences to make the costs outweigh the benefits.


    The second mindset is that “racism is an individual problem”.

    Wrong. It’s systemic. It is institutionalized at the very top.

    ● Government [Japanese internment, McCarthyism, Korean War, Vietnam War, Pivot to Asia]

    ● Law enforcement [racial profiling Chinese scientists as ‘spies’]

    ● Schools [anti-Asian affirmative action, orientalism, whitewashing white crimes against Asians, smearing Asian culture]

    ● News media [lying about Tibetan “genocide”, Tiananmen Square “Massacre”],

    ● Entertainment / Hollywood [emasculated Asian men, hypersexualized Asian women]

    ● Work [glass ceilings, sexual harassment, lower pay for same work]

    These are system-level problems. A “bro who lifts and gets girls” will not make any of those systemic problems vanish.

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