Basic Posting (writing) Manners

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    Search for duplicates

    Search for duplicates before posting.



    Summarize your submissions of articles, videos, studies, etc You’re in the best position since you’ve already reviewed the content. We appreciate curated content but many don’t have time to read 3-7 pages. Do the right thing and summarize.


    Use descriptive titles

    “omg lol so cute” doesn’t cut it


    Add tags to your topics

    Start typing and a list of matching tags will show up. It’s very easy and makes the site easy to use for everyone.


    Format your posts so they’re easier to read


    ● <#> without the < and > AND include a space after to create headlines. #=Biggest header, ##=2nd biggest, etc. An example…

    Header 1

    Header 2

    Header 3


    ● Use the greater than sign and then some text like this zbpmRKF.jpg to quote text

    This is quoted text


    ● Remember to insert extra lines with


    ● Use these for emphasis



    ● You can use colored text
    ULnlSTP.jpg creates red text

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