How do we solve this problem? violence and robberies against Asians?

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    There’s a steady stream of violence and robberies of Asian stores and individuals.

    What solutions are there to this problem?

    Let’s use our heads.

  • Agree with everyone who mentioned guns. Probably go to shooting ranges and practice shooting, especially with pistols since you can conceal those. I, myself, prefer shotguns (I suck at pistols and can’t aim even if my life depends on it…plus I can absorb the shotgun’s recoil with my body whereas pistols’ recoils go throughout my hands which I dislike), which are great for defending your home but my husband pointed out to me that I can’t exactly walk around with a shotgun without freaking everyone out, so being experienced with pistols is probably the wiser choice.

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    @ankistar Ok. This sounds more like an issue caused by lack of awareness if the solution is that simple. I hope it is just that.

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    Not keeping cash and valuables in the house is, of course, common sense.

    The police advice is good for some people. But many of us are more daring with our lives, experienced with guns, and happy to continue the Asian-Americans reputation of being well armed and not to be messed with.

    Not to mention, profitable robberies encourage more attempts, while obituaries are a great deterrance.

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    @ankistar @jethreezy that sounds good on paper. Does it actually work?


    What about trips to make deposits? Opening and closing times?

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    Exercise the Second Amendment.

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    Easy. You get yourself a Mossberg 930 JM PRO and two Glocks, one as a sidearm and one for your wife. Spend 6 stress-relieving couple’s weekends at the shooting range, enjoy the awesome sex at night, and keep going a few times each year. Recommend the same to everyone in your asian community.

    Many asian american families and small business owners already understand this. Lets spread the word to those who havn’t yet: Gun training should be associated with marriage and home ownership.

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