New Jersey candidate continues campaign despite bigoted book - NY Daily News

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    We often hear

    Interracial couples featuring Asian female white male are so progressive. The white guy has an Asian girlfriend or wife so he can’t be racist.

    Well, decades of reality disagrees with you. Here’s the latest


    A Republican running for New Jersey’s state assembly has decided to remain in the race despite his public apology and withdrawal for authoring a book that contained hate speech.

    He has played off the literature as satire, which was meant to work as a companion piece to an alleged stand-up comedy career.

    While his book offended nearly every possible group of people, Cappola believes he has reasonably reconciled for offending some of these groups.

    “I’m not that person. I’ve actually never been that person. I’m not a homophobe, I’m not anti-Semitic, not anti-Asian,” he told Politico New Jersey.

    "My wife is Asian. My son is Korean.

    New Jersey candidate continues campaign despite bigoted book - NY Daily News:

    Of course, your wife is Asian. That makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

    Exact and those white pieces of shit just can’t intellectually process how hypocritical and ridiculous they sound hating on a group whilst at the same time their child often looks just like that hated group yet they instead go into deluded denial and idiotic flip-flopping instead of owning up what is already OBVIOUS to anyone with even a quarter of a brain.

    It’s like some sick Nazi marrying some Jewish chick and therefore having Jewish children - then bashes Jews daily then goes home to his Jewish kids and pretends they’re/everything’s ‘ok’. It’s just beyond sick. Just fuckin’ twisted.

    Exactly we Hapas most of the time end up looking Asian, so when those racist Asian women in WMAF couples bash Asian men they are bashing their sons. The OP is more Asian passing than I am, but even still I’m seen as full Asian by White people. The self delusions that these white washed Asian women have of having White children is just fantasy because phenotypically its rare for a Hapa to be very White passing, and two we are seen as outsiders regardless because we are mixed.

    My Catharsis

    This is a Tumblr collecting nasty, racist online dating messages from white guys with yellow fever. All of us raising
    Asian daughters need to be aware of this phenomenon and make sure our daughters are ready to deal with it.

    I feel sick. But thank you for sharing the link we all need to know this reality.

    it is important to prepare our daughters to deal with this kind of attitude.

    I need to know about it so I can prepare my daughter.

    If it wasn’t so disgusting it would almost be laughable.

    Yeah…really, really creepy. I am a mature Asian woman. I could tell you some stories of white men trying to date me when I was in my 20s. They ALWAYS wanted me to fit their stupid stereotypes and loved submissive, giggly behavior. Unfortunately, I often mistook their good manners for real character.

    I am so disgusted!!!

    She didn’t call all white guys creepy just the ones who posted creepy tings on her site. And since they were all white, I totally get the name of the blog.

    China Adopt Talk Forum - Creepy White Guys - page 1 of 2

    In the 1970s when conservative White men grew discontent with the American feminist movement and White women’s ensuing push for liberation, they turned to the mail order bride industry in East Asia.

    with ‘good old fashioned values.’ Guided by sexual stereotypes of Asian women as subservient, these men saw Asian mail order brides as the much welcomed antithesis to the White American woman. Where the White feminist woman actively resisted subjugation, the Asian woman was portrayed as enjoying it.

    White Sexual Imperialism: A Theory of Asian Feminist Jurisprudence

    So soo egalitarian

    Sexual violence directed at Asian women by white men—and any Asian woman can tell you how unrelenting and commonplace such violence and sexualized racism are—is a direct result of Western imperialism

    No One Is Free Until All Are Free By Chris Hedges






    Why do WMAF couples even have kids in the first place? It’s like, you hate asian males, yet you’re creating one. I just don’t understand. Just save your sons the fucking trouble and abort them. And I’m saying this as someone who was a devout believer of the bible. No one should be selfishly brought to this Earth only to suffer. Imo it’s better to just not exist.

    "You’re not entitled to anything."

    I’m not saying all white guy, asian girl couples are bad, but many both online and in person, are extremely disparaging towards Asian men; and make it seem like their whole relationship is based on disparaging Asian masculinity. As a Half Asian man myself this is extremely depressing and disheartening, and has ruined my own relationship with my white dad and asian mom. It has also destroyed my confidence towards ever forming a romantic relationship myself.

    I don’t want to see my life absorbed and taken over by this angst, as so many other Hapa guys online have been. And yet its hard to escape it, and not be sucked into the negativity. How do I stop hating on these relationships, when its making me feel like my own conception and birth is something evil?

    Racist White-Asian couples make me hate my own birth | EurasianNation:

    ‘We cannot underestimate the importance of understanding the social, psychological and experiential differences that may increase the likelihood of psychological disorders among this fast growing segment of the population.’ Among the biracial individuals in their national survey the researchers found 34 percent had been diagnosed with a psychological disorder such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse compared to 17 percent of monoracial individuals. The higher rate held up even after the researchers controlled for differences between the groups in age, gender and life stress among other factors.

    Biracial Asian Americans and Mental Health :: UC Davis News & Information:

    Thank you! Thank you, “egalitarian white man”.

    white spouses in general hewed to a much more explicitly color blind perspective… they did not want to see the kids’ “Asianness” as having any special significance or consequence for them, or that race mattered that much in general…

    The white ethnic spouses are generally highly optimistic about their children’s future, in contrast to the greater guardedness shown by their Asian ethnic spouses. This is interesting in light of the fact that many white ethnic spouses are not unaware of the challenges their young children were already facing in school as mixed race children.

    Children and the Shifting Engagement with Racial Ethnic Identity among Second Generation Interracially Married Asian Americans

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