Beginner's Guide AKA How to Guide AKA User Manual AKA User Tutorial

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    click “window blinds” button right of Asiansoul to access categories


    How to make new topics - click on a category like general > click new topic button


    click and DRAG composer arrow key to resize the composer (sometimes UI doesn’t collapse after it expands due to glitch)


    Your posts and topics cannot be fully removed.

    Only admins can remove posts / topics so for your sake, edit your post / topic and replace it with some gibberish if you want to wipe out your history. I tested this and despite the fact that you may see these options

    first is the delete…

    second is the purge…

    Admins can still see your posts / topics.

    When you click new topic

    …you’re positioned in title, press tab and you’ll be in tags, and press tab again you’ll be in “body”, another tab goes to “submit”, and another tab goes to the body and another tab goes to “submit again”. Oddly, nothing takes you to the discard button.

    When you click “reply” it’s different. You’ll start in the body and press tab again goes to “submit”.

    [removed for now] The social sharing tool bar on the left can be hidden.

    Hover over it and click the arrows. If you want it again, hover again against the middle left border and click the arrows (they’ll appear on the top).


    Simply include nothing but a link to embed an image or video in your post. It’s that easy.

    click this to edit your posts


    You can enter canned responses / text snippets in your profile

    click on the top right corner circle button > click on the button with vertical dots > click on canned responses


    To use them, simply click on the megaphone icon in your topic/reply composer > select response with mouse > press TAB key twice > press enter


    You can learn all about markdown syntax here

    It’s the same as the one used at reddit.

    Keep in mind that some of the syntax doesn’t work here - underline text, tables, and probably other stuff.

    Here are the major ones you should know
    ● to create quotes do this “> this is quoted text”

    this is quoted text

    ● Headlines of varying levels


    Header 1

    Header 2

    Header 3

    to insert extra lines (see Beginner’s Guide for more detail - near the bottom of that post)

    ● emphasis


    Remember to remove the spaces.

    ● Tables


    1 2 3 4
    1 2 3 4
    1 2 3 4
    1 2 3 4

    Use this and paste resulting code here. It’s easier.

    coloring text

    ● You can use colored text (this is different from Markdown code)
    ULnlSTP.jpg creates text

    the main shortcuts are


    navigate across posts rapidly.
    j (move down)
    k (move down)

    this shortcut is a little weird. you need to press it a few times before it finds the clusters. Once it does, you can fly through posts and edit, restore, with ease. Problem is that it always starts at the bottom or bottom

    get next options cluster alt + j (move down)
    alt + k (move up)

    use search /

    Using “spoilers” markup to hide large chunks of text

    This code…

    produces this result…


    click on the white space to show the hidden text.

    ● Use no line spaces.
    ● reload [F5] the webpage so the icon shows up.

    Claim your badge shown

    On your profile page click here


    then scroll and click the drop down and select the highest level you are entitled to.


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