China completes the 'world's highest bridge' standing 1,850 feet above the ground

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    China completes the ‘world’s highest bridge’ built 1,850 feet above the ground | Daily Mail Online:




    The completion of the ambitious project means that eight of the world’s 10 highest completed bridges are now located in China - almost all are situated in remote mountainous provinces.
    The Beipanjiang Bridge is expected to open by the end of 2016. It overtook the previous record holder, Sidu River Bridge, situated in central China’s Hubei Province.
    The vertigo-inducing Sidu River Bridge, completed in 2009, is built between two mountains over a 1,627-foot-deep valley - though some media claim it’s 1,830 feet high.
    Besides Beipanjiang Bridge, Chinese engineers are also building what’s set to be the world’s second highest bridge, Jinshajiang Bridge.


    1. Beipanjiang Bridge Duge, China 1,854 feet (2016)
    2. Jinshajiang Bridge, China, 1,680 feet (2021)
    3. Sidu River Bridge, China, 1,627 feet (2009)
    4. Puli Bridge, China, 1,591 feet (2015)
    5. Yachi Bridge, China, 1,444 feet (2016)
    6. Qingshuihe Bridge, China, 1,332 feet (2016)
    7. Hegigio Gorge Pipeline Bridge, Papua New Guinea, 1,542 feet (2005)
    8. Baluarte Bridge, Mexico, 1,280 feet (2013)
    9. Balinghe Bridge, China, 1,214 feet (2009)
    10. Beipanjiang Bridge Guanxing, China, 1,200 feet (2003)


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