Solution - racist anti-Asian media / stereotyping

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    Do not be insane

    Stop doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. We’ve been complaining mostly in vain for decades. Racists are not ignorant. They just don’t care.

    Punish mercilessly

    China is a perfect vehicle to punish our foes with. China wants soft power and has a mammoth market that can influence the world while the West wants Chinese money. We must expose white racism against us to turn over one billion Chinese but especially its leaders against Western media. Align our interests and the rest should follow naturally. When all Asians do this, whites will “understand” us just fine. This extends to all forms of Western media including textbooks, advertisements, etc.

    Hold individuals accountable. Do not let them hide behind their secretaries, lawyers, etc. There is more to say about this later.

    Expose their hypocrisy

    Insult our foes with the same racist stereotypes to bait them. When they call out the racism, we expose their hypocrisy and ask them why is it okay to stereotype Asians then?

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