Solution - Anti-Asian racism, violence, crimes, and bullying.

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    At the crux of it, bullies target the weak and Asians are seen and act like the weakest race of all. Culturally, we are sheep to the slaughter because of our excessively focus on harmony and keeping our heads down. This must end.


    The suggestions below won’t end all anti-Asian racism and violence, but it will help prevent a lot of it simply by deterrence.

    Understand how people see you.

    Asians are seen as honorary whites and defenders of white supremacy. Non-whites believe you have white privilege or Asian privilege and its trappings - higher education, wealth, stability. This arouses jealousy.

    Asians are seen as the easiest targets to attack because we rarely fight back and racist stereotypes portraying you as submissive and weak. This emboldens their aggression towards Asians.

    Common sense

    ● For guys, pack on muscles and dress in a more “bad boy” manner instead of looking like nerdy weaklings.
    ● Pick your battles wisely. Do not get aggressive when you’re surrounded, have a gun aimed at your face, etc.
    ● Do not start shit.
    ● Stay fit and take up a close quarters combat martial art. Fighting is best avoided, but it’s better to have some fighting knowledge.

    Be vigilant

    ● Never put your guard down especially around whites. They are highly duplicitous and prone to psychopathy and violence. Serial rapists, serial murderers, incest and pedophile rings are far more common in their race by far. See the crime statistics images below.
    ● Travel in groups
    ● Avoid dangerous areas and dangerous times of the day or night.

    Build bridges

    ● Towards non-whites, show empathy regarding white racism [job and housing discrimination, police violence, imperialism]. Do not blame them for their problems eg you guys are just lazy.
    ● To whites…idk…???

    Fight back and be pack-minded

    ● Do not stay silent, be the bigger man, ignore racism and aggression. That only emboldens anti-Asian aggression. You must confront it early to prevent further escalation of aggression. Aggressors need to understand that you’re not a “quiet Asian”.

    ● Always report violence broadly. File police reports, report to teachers, managers and keep going until your demands are met, share it with the Asian community, etc. Staying silent only helps rapists, robbers, etc.

    ● Always help and stick up for other Asians. We are much stronger together.

    ● Adopt a more aggressive attitude that does not supplicate to whites.

    Unconventional ideas

    ● Spread rumors anonymously about Asians fighting, violence, etc. This sounds crazy, but fear of the unknown is a major deterrent. If the rumor is accepted as truth then people will be less likely to pick on you.

    Most common crimes against Asians

    General - carry a “GPS Children Locator” that allows you to signal for help.

    ● Robbery

    For individuals, do not look too well off unless your community is very safe. Carry enough valuables to placate robbers eg have at least $30 so they are satisfied enough to leave you alone instead of assaulting you out of frustration [eg you have nothing valuable].

    For businesses, this really depends on your area and its specific problems. Are gangs running a “protection racket”, drug addicts and thugs breaking and entering,. corrupt officials demanding bribes?

    Talk to veteran business owners in your area and in your industry before your open a business.

    At a bare minimum, install security features like CCTV cameras around the premises, security bars / curtains, use a “GPS Children Locator” that allows you to signal for help covertly, have signs that say no cash on premises, etc.

    ● Rape - Avoid non-Asian men. This is literally the simplest way to minimize this problem. I’m not joking. Asian men have the lowest crime rates across the board by far.



    Always go out in groups with trusted friends and be ultra alert around white men. If you even sense a bit of doubt, leave. Trust your gut.

    ● Microaggressions / bullying - Talk back and stand your ground and always join in to defend other Asians.

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