Their accusations of Sun Yang reminds me of what they will always think of us

  • This is one of the many, many reasons as to why I don’t think I will ever get over my distrust and distaste for white people. Even if I meet “nicer” ones, I will always suspect that their true colors will show if I somehow manage to piss them off. No matter how successful we become, whether it’s in academics, sports, or business, they simply brush it off as “cheating” or “being shady” or that we’re playing “underhanded.”

    Anyways, this was what got my blood boiling this morning:

    commentator Amanda Abate claimed so after she referred to Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Sun Yang as “one of China’s cheats” instead of, presumably, “stars.”

    Australian gold medalist Mack Horton repeatedly slammed him as a “drug cheat,” and then French swimmer Camille Lacourt said the 200-m freestyle champion “pisses purple”

    Mind you, the writer of that article is white and if you noticed, at the very bottom of the article, he stated that he had to correct his original article after finding out that trimetazidine is no longer considered a stimulant. So what does that tell you? I’m suspecting that his original article was meant to be more biased towards Horton’s side and that he personally agreed that Sun Yang was cheating with drugs, thus his original article was meant to reflect that. But because trimetazidine is not seen as a stimulant, he was forced to correct his writing.

    This is what I meant by what most of them (if not all of them) think of us when we beat them at their own game. Sure, we can brush their attitudes off as jealousy, pettiness, and sour grapes (which is exactly what it is a lot of the times) but it’s interesting to note that they only act like this when Asians or other minorities become more successful than them, but ESPECIALLY Asians.

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    @Danger said in Their accusations of Sun Yang reminds me of what they will always think of us:

    It’s funny because Australia created the Australian Institute of Sport after they failed to win a single gold medal during the Montreal Olympics.

    Interesting. I was reading a comment the other day about how China created a similar organization and yes they were demonized for it and that comment came from a Brit. I was scrolling down BBC’s Facebook page and down the timeline, there were so many Asian focused or Anti-Asian news it was ridiculous. The comments might even be worse.

  • @Danger This 1000%. Being a gymrat myself and having observed professional athletes, bodybuilders, lifters, etc…for years, it’s pretty damn obvious that all of them are on something (if they’re competing at the professional level), regardless of which country they hail from. Sure, I’ll willingly admit some may use higher doses than others or stronger stuff than others, but at the end of the day, they’re all on something.

    Lance Armstrong even recently said that it wasn’t just him who decided to dope, but that his entire team was encouraging of it (and did it themselves):

    “When I made the decision (to dope in 1995), when my team made that decision, when the whole peloton made that decision…”

    That should tell you that doping is a pretty common practice among all professional athletes and Armstrong probably just somehow got very unlucky and got caught.

    Everyone attacks Russia and China because they’re easy to get everyone to hate on (since much of western propaganda has already helped fuel the hate against them) and no one will side with them. If anyone were to call out the UK, for example, pretty sure at least half of the Anglo world would be upset and sympathize with the British.

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    It’s funny because Australia created the Australian Institute of Sport after they failed to win a single gold medal during the Montreal Olympics. For years there have been rumors of systemic doping within the AIS as they have hired coaches linked with doping. The Australian federal government also did their own investigation and found doping to be a widespread practice across all professional sports in Australia. Doping culture is also prevalent among Australian gymrats across the nation which is where Zyzz came from.

    The truth is that doping is the norm in pro sports, the only difference is that the Russian and Chinese governments were stupid enough to try and help their athletes directly instead of just turning a blind eye to corporations and private training groups doping their athletes which is the common practice in the western world.

    Edit: Most importantly we need to remember that the Olympics has always been a highly politicized event. American scientists invented dianabol in order to try and combat enhanced athletes from the Soviet Republic. I just find it funny how everyone only goes after ‘the bad guys’ like Russia and China, yet at the top level everyone knows that countries such as America, Australia and England are just as dirty.

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    @CoarseCourse Invite more woke people and tell them to upvote. It’s the only way to be sure. lol

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    • Always ignore what they say and watch what they do.

    How many times can I upvote this? 100%

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    Whites are full of shit honestly. They really are. They always move goal posts.

    ● Use SATs when they win. Change to “holistic admissions” when Asians beat them.
    ● Promote WTO / Free trade when they win. Change to TPP when Asians beat them.
    ● Embrace lawless imperialism when they win. Hide behind “international order” when victims want their lands back.
    ● Push out racist stereotypes 24/7. Cry reverse racism when they get a taste of their own medicine.
    ● America was a huge IP theft when it was industrializing. Changes to protecting IP when they become victims of IP theft.
    ● Embrace invasion and genocide when they do it. Change to “white genocide” when immigrants they allow enter the country.

    Always ignore what they say and watch what they do.

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