2016 Olympics Megathread - List of Asian medalists + discussion

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    Why didn’t I think of this sooner? :sweat_smile:

    Here’s the 2016 Olympics schedule

    The events run from August 5 -21, 2016

    Let’s build up a list of Asian winners [event, name, country, picture] of them here so we can live the Olympic dream from our desks.


    Gold Medals

    Archery Women’s - Ki Bo Bae, Choi Misun and Chang Hye Jin [South Korea]


    Weightlifting Women’s 53 kilogram - Shu-Ching Hsu [Chinese Taipei]


    Diving: Women’s Synchronised 3 Meter Springboard - Minxia Wu, Tingmao Shi [China]
    …even perfected the synchronized waving to fans


    10-Meter Air Pistol Women’s Final - Zhang Mengxue [China]



    Silver Medals

    Judo Men’s -66kg Kilogram - AN Baul [South Korea]


    Weightlifting Women’s 53 kilogram - Hidilyn Diaz [Philippines]



    Bronze Medals

    Judo Men’s -66kg Kilogram - Masashi Ebinuma [Japan]


    Judo Women’s -52kg - Misato Nakamura [Japan]


    Archery Women’s - Le Chien-Ying, Lin Shih Chia, and Tan Ya Ting [Chinese Taipei]


    Weightlifting Women’s 53 kilogram - Jin Hee Yoon [Republic of Korea]



    I used this source

    As of Thursday, August 11, 2016
    Olympic 2016 Medal Count: Updated Tally, List of Winners After Sunday’s Results | Bleacher Report:

  • @secondstrike Damn. Confident. I like that.

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    I am the king. I am. The new world
    -Sun Yang

    skip the irrelevant stuff at 23 seconds

  • Darn, Ning Zetao hasn’t won anything yet :( That’s okay, he won all of our hearts <3

    I’m glad Sun Yang won a gold!

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