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    @secondstrike no the original hypermaculazn campaign

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    @Danger You mean the asnidentity tweets?

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    @secondstrike That’s good stuff there. The sad thing is the only effect this twitter campaign will only have the effect of reinforcing the stereotype that Asian men are more misogynistic than whites, though I suspect some of them may actually be happy about it.

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    @Danger Yup, we cover that extensively in the unbrainwashing and FAQ sections, but it really comes down to extremely deluded parents who buy into the Western values nonsense and think white men are just like hollywood when they’re more wolves in sheep’s clothing. The lies are buried so deep as a result of our worthless leaders who for decades allowed these problems to fester and many were even complicit in perpetuating these lies.

    The most dangerous weapon is the double bind - see “double bind” near bottom of page.

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    @secondstrike It’s so funny, why don’t I ever hear internet Asian feminists talk about this stuff? Not once have I ever read an article or blog post fro an Asian e-feminist that talks about how white society tries to drive a wedge between asian men and women. In any case, while I do think they have a lot of valid arguments, they don’t understand that so called ‘hypermasculazn’ guys will always be around so long as the system of white supremacy that creates them still exists. In this case, calling on these Asian men to change will always fall on death ears. What they should be doing is railing against white supremacy. Moreover, they should also be starting a conversation on the amount of self hate that is prevalent among many Asian women nowadays. This is something I have never seen an Asian feminist do in all the years I’ve been watching this shit go down.

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    @Danger They do, but it’s not amplified enough.

    For example

    Asian Women: Rape And Hate Crimes | Jaemin Kim:

    Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality - Rosalind S. Chou - Google Books:

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    Has there ever been a campaign by Asian feminists on twitter (or anywhere else for that matter) calling out toxic white masculinity?

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    @HanHuang I agree. A simple way to gain some mutual understanding between Asian men and Asian women is to ask “Do you want to trade places with my Asian male body?” Their silence will be instructive.

    Now, Asian women suffer in big and unjustifiable ways by the same group who oppress the entire Asian community. It’s in our best interest to work together and not be misled unproductively regurgitating orientalist stereotypes of foot binding bucktoothed Mongo hordes oppressing women.

    As for hapas like Elliot Rodgers and Daniel Holtzclaw, they are the product of a toxic anti-Asian male environment that was created and is still perpetuated by white men to the benefit of white men..

    edit: I found this great writeup that summarizes how the wrong types of so-called
    Asian feminists and Asian “progressives” hypocritically work against Asian interests.

    Here are some choice quotes

    So, what John Cho relates here is a very personal and profound concern for his son’s future sense of identity and well-being - in a culture that denigrates Asian males - that may even, perhaps, reflect some painful personal experience in his own past.
    The response from our self-righteous, moral teachers in Asian progressivism?
    Yes, they mocked a guy with derogatory, racist memes about Asian masculinity for expressing a concern that he has for the well-being of his own kid. Need I say more?

    I came to realize that what we have here are a bunch of nobodies shitting on Asians who have achieved far more success than they could ever hope to attain. Just who are these people? Just how exactly have they advanced the Asian-American cause?
    By comparison, John Cho and Eddie Huang, by virtue of their achievements, have advanced Asian-Americans in the culture of America by light-years. Huang has written best-selling books that have inspired a television series - which in turn provided opportunities for more Asian-Americans to get a high-profile toehold in the acting profession where they are still largely discriminated against. Even before that, Huang was a cutting-edge chef and a media celebrity, whose extroverted personality probably encouraged more Asians to push the boundaries of limiting stereotypes than snide progressives ever could.

    Ben Efsaneyim: John Cho…:

    Here are some rough tweets by asnidentity twitter. They are a bit rough in terms of delivery but they help expose the #HyperMasculAZNs hashtag and its proponents for what they really represent - anti-Asian male hatred disguised as progressive activism for Asian justice.


    Notice, none of these fake activists can address the points raised. I encourage you all to follow asnidentitiy’s lead so neutral bystanders will see the other side of the debate and see through the self-hate, white worship that PAA [Progressive Asian Acivists] try to infect the community with.

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