Why are Asians called Model Minority? It's A Myth Weaponized by Whites to Divide and Conquer non-whites

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    Model Minority Myth [sort of]

    The term “model minority” was introduced in 1966 praising the industriousness of Japanese immigrants as the “model minority” and conversely, the “bad minority” were all those uppity non-whites demanding social justice like being allowed to live and enjoy human rights. It’s purpose was to:

    ● Play divide and conquer between Asians and other non-whites, especially African Americans, due to the powerful civil rights movement that was revolting against white supremacy. Painting cross hairs on Asians kept whites safe.
    ● Blame the victim instead of fixing the racist rigged system that is white supremacist America. Whites would say to oppressed non-whites…

    Look at those model minority Asians. They succeeded so if you fail, it’s your fault.

    ● Less importantly at the time, it served to dismiss any complaints [discrimination, health problems, etc] Asians had with a simple

    “Stop complaining, model minority. You have it so good already”


    The model minority myth creating a false narrative that America is a meritocracy that says…

    America is great and all men are equal. You just need to work hard and you will succeed. Just look at these successful Japanese immigrants.

    What these white racist liars left out was that the immigrants were cherry picked for their brains. The vast majority of people would never achieve what they could achieve - not even other Asians. What these geniuses managed to achieve occurred despite the heavy discrimination they suffered.

    The model minority label is not a complement. It’s just white supremacy putting a “shoot me” post-it-note on your back. In that sense, it’s a myth. However, for certain segments of the Asian American group, we are indeed model minorities who have the lowest crime rates, divorce rates, good health, etc. Many of these positive outcomes are the result of a culture that, in general, highly rewards education and guards against misbehavior.

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