What is Asian Privilege? It's Model Minority 2.0 - again, a ploy by whites to divide and conquer non-whites

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    Summary Version

    Read this if you want a quick overview. A “Full Version” is included below.

    Here take a good look at your Asian Privilege™



    Here is a Privilege Collage™. It’s mixed but shows a sliver of the mass rapes, genocides, and other war crimes against us by whites. That’s why many you became “privileged” refugees.



    Look, Chinese people get so much privilege.

    Do you think any white person would switch places to enjoy Asian Privilege™?

    Someone is punching your face and you think it’s a massage? Wake up.

    Full Version

    Asians have no privilege: one simple proof

    Ask a white guy if he would switch places with Asians men or Asian women?

    The bottom line is this, on average, whites play life on easy mode.

    They enjoy much better life outcomes for less effort due to the color of their skin and nothing else. They will be face less punishment for mistakes, do not suffer being stereotyped as terrorists despite being the world’s most atrocious terrorists for centuries, etc.

    For minorities, they suffer inferior, sometimes vastly inferior, life outcomes due to the color of their skin and nothing else. They will be smeared with racist stereotypes that inflict light to heavy discrimination [violence, rape, dating, police brutality, employment, income, promotion, etc], denied opportunities, denied justice, be victims of genocide [See “mere gooks” in Vietnam raped and slaughtered by whites, and Middle Eastern “terrorists” slaughtered by whites], etc.

    Asians have no privilege: a longer explanation

    Main reasons Asian privilege is nonsense:
    ● Asians are not a monolith. East Asians and South Asians do well relative to South East Asians.
    ● Asians experienced gendered racism.
    -dating - Asian men suffer extreme discrimination. It’s so bad there is a gender war and if allowed to continue then Asians living in the West will be bred out in a few generations.
    ● Stereotypes [one giant smear campaign to malign our race, culture, and our people.] spread by the media inflict problems across many domains
    ● work - glass ceiling
    ● social - high rates of violence / hate crimes / bullying / racism
    ● school - anti-Asian affirmative action keeps many qualified Asians out of selective universities

    Background information

    This is model minority 2.0. Again, it’s used by whites for divide and conquer by pitting oppressed Asians against other oppressed non-whites like Blacks while leaving the most privileged alone - white people.

    This time around there is one other large group of brainwashed people [many, not all, so-called Asian activists, Asian feminists, social justice warriors] within the Asian community who believe in Asian privilege because they have been indoctrinated in schools. These people believe “if you are not suffering then you have privilege.”. See my definition in the next section below.

    These comically stupid people want Asians to suffer and pay for white guilt despite having nothing to do with it. In fact, we Asians, all Asians, suffered massive brutalities by racist whites. See “Let’s see Asian privilege in Action” on this page.

    Let’s define privilege

    unearned power conferred systematically

    White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack | SOA Watch: Close the School of the Americas:

    Defining privilege, normalcy, and oppression

    privilege - enjoy undeserved benefits / enjoy lenient punishments - white rapist given excused as having a "mental illness"
    normalcy - benefits and suffer punishments commensurate to behavior - Asian rapist going to jail or typical length of time.
    and oppression - deprived of benefits / suffer excessive punishment. - Black rapist getting life in prison along with smearing Blacks as a race of savage rapists.

    Where it gets confusing.

    The granularity of individual experiences makes the concept of privilege very hard to understand. There are many differences which create many types of privilege / oppression. Groups can be privileged in one area but oppressed in others.

    The main problem is that people mix up class privilege [being well-off, educated] with racial privilege [white privilege, enjoying a better quality of life just by being white]. So they think a Chinese scientist has privilege. They should talk to Wen Ho Lee, Chi Mak, Sherry Chen, and many other Chinese scientists who have been racially profiled and had their lives destroyed for decades over baseless accusations.

    Chinese-Americans angry over spying charges:

    This problem of conflating the two privileges happens because of two false beliefs:

    1. Each Asian ethnicity sees itself as a separate group. The Chinese see violence against Cambodian Americans as a Cambodian problem. It’s an Asian problem. Americans don’t see us as separate groups. We’re all just Asian to them.
    2. Some think class privilege “cancels out” racial oppression. See the Chinese scientists a few lines up. They have class privilege but they still suffer racial oppression.


    The rest of this section just details some of the factors that influence privilege. You can learn more about this by reading about “intersectionality”

    This feminist sociological theory was first named by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, though the concept can be traced back to the 19th century. The theory suggests that—and seeks to examine how—various biological, social and cultural categories such as gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, religion, caste, species and other axes of identity interact on multiple and often simultaneous levels, contributing to systematic injustice and social inequality.

    This is the big one. See the Asian privilege we have and continue to enjoy at “Let’s see Asian privilege in Action” near the bottom of this page.

    white ceos of multi nations corporations vs trailer park dwellers
    Black basketball players vs innocent Black kids shot by racist white cops [who don’t go to jail]
    Asian phd Nobel Prize winner vs Cambodian Refugee of wars caused by whites.

    Even trailer park whites has privilege, but certainly less than the white ceo. Famous Black comedian, Chris Rock, explains it best.

    uneducated, high school, phd

    nail salon worker, scientists, shop owners,

    Asian female vs Asian male.
    Black male vs Black female

    The Asia male and Black female suffer tremendously in the dating scene while the other two suffer far less.

    there’s even more confusing factors with bltg, but I’ll skip that.

    Subset of Asians
    East Asians vs South Asians vs South East Asians

    The first two groups largely make up the wealthy and / or well-educated. The third group largely suffers much higher rates of poverty owing to the destruction inflicted upon them by white racist psychopaths recently. See

    ● Cambodia - http://www.amazon.com/Sideshow-Kissinger-Nixon-Destruction-Cambodia/dp/0671835254/
    ● Laos - Hiding America’s War Crimes in Laos | http://thiscantbehappening.net/node/2715
    ● Vietnam - http://www.amazon.com/Kill-Anything-That-Moves-American/dp/1250045061/

    Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

    But don’t Asians earn more?

    Yes, for household income. Our household is larger so this is deceptive. Per capita, we still earned less. The second point is that we earned less for the same education. Many of the Asians such as the Chinese and South Asians are cherry picked for their high intelligence / education through the H1B visa or they are cherry picked for having the capita to essentially purchase citizenship via investing and creating jobs.

    Net of the latter variables and other demographic controls, native born Asian American men have 8 percent lower earnings than do measurably comparable white men. Our findings show that Asian American men who were schooled entirely overseas have substantial earnings disadvantages, while Asian American men who obtained their highest degree in the United States but completed high school overseas have an intermediate earnings disadvantage.

    Have Asian American Men Achieved Labor Market Parity with White Men?:


    whatever success we have today is the result of overcompensating with extreme work ethic in a rigged system and got leftovers. We succeeded despite being oppressed. There was no “Asian privilege”.


    But aren’t Asians less likely to get killed by cops?

    That’s the benefit of being the most law abiding, least criminal group in America. That’s not privilege. That’s earned. That’s not a privilege.

    This is what privilege looks like.

    Stanford Swimmer Who Raped Unconscious Woman Gets Short Sentence Because Jail Would Have a ‘Severe Impact on Him’
    will be sentenced to six months in county jail and probation.

    Stanford Swimmer Brock Allen Turner Sentenced – The Cut:

    This is happening when teens with a few grams of weed are spending 10+ years of their life in prison.


    But Asian men are men therefore they have privilege and are part of the problem, aren’t they?


    it’s especially insane for Asian men to be accused of male privilege. It’s as if they were born blind and deaf.

    Asian American men in the seminar had difficulty identifying with the concept of “male privilege.” Most Asian American men feel like, "How can I own something that I don’t even really feel like I have? I don’t even get to feel like a man most of the time."

    Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Rosalind S. Chou

    Look at Asian male privilege in action.

    Asian men get to be castrated socially and psychologically all day long. Suffering life-long depression under a racist caste system is not a form of privilege.


    Let’s see Asian privilege in Action

    Asians have suffered centuries of invasions, rape, enslavement, slaughter, torture, genocide, inflicted drug addictions, plunder, and then lies to paint the victims, us, as evil while the mass rapists and murderers, whites, as heroes. Here is all the proof.


    anti-Chinese USA | http://www.zakkeith.com/articles,blogs,forums/anti-Chinese-persecution-in-the-USA-history-timeline.htm
    anti-Chinese Britain | http://www.zakkeith.com/articles,blogs,forums/chinese-in-britain-history-timeline.htm


    Hiding America’s War Crimes in Laos | http://thiscantbehappening.net/node/2715




    ● China’s Rise, Fall, and Re-Emergence as a Global Power | http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/03/chinas-rise-fall-and-re-emergence-as-a-global-power/
    ● USA’s warfare against China ½ | http://www.voltairenet.org/article177063.html

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