Debunked Myths -- Why are Asians in Hollywood and Media treated like crap?

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    Note, this focuses on Asian men primarily as their treatment is extremely degrading. This page will not cover the ways that Asians are smeared eg yellowface, whitewashing roles, various stereotypes, etc. That has been written about extensively everywhere else. In fact, you can read a useful overview at smear campaigns against Asian men and smear campaigns against Asian women [keep in mind, this is only a small area]

    What is Western Media?

    Western media is first and foremost a mind control tool that serves four main purposes:

    Whitewash white crimes against humanity. The self-proclaimed “defenders of freedom and justice” are
    the single greatest threat to world peace

    No. Instead, they’re shown as saviors “defending truth and justice and the American way”. No. Here is the American way: hypocrisy, racist hate, dishonor, deception, barbarism, rape, slaughter, drug dealing, and plunder. That is the American way.

    actual freedom, democracy, rule of law, humanist traditions, human rights

    actual capitalism and free markets

    actual drug war -

    ● Install white-worship and self=hate
    -Install white worship into non-whites. Though it occurred before hollywood, Christianity is a great example of psychopaths morphing into benevolent “spiritual teachers”.

    -Install self-hate in Asians so they are so mentally broken they can’t even fight back.

    Understanding self-hate and white-worship
    More on self-hate and white-worship

    It’s so effective that many Asian men and women learned to hate each other

    ● Install anti-Asian hate to prepare non-Asians to commit rape, murder, and ultimately genocide.

    Important Facts

    ● Back in 1915 America, the first Hollywood sex symbol was Sessue Hayakawa and white women went crazy for him. There were less than 100,000 Asians then, yet they found Sessue Hayakawa. Today, white hollywood executives expect us to believe they can’t find a decent Asian guy with 18,000,000+ (180x as many Asians) living in America?

    ● Asian males can see themselves portrayed as sexless geeks / nerds / losers / homosexuals who gets to be the butt of all jokes while never getting the girl. You won’t even be seen with Asian females in media. Yes, it’s that crazy. It is so crazy that some white males will be surprised when they see Asian females with Asian males. When I say media, I mean literally, all media - newspapers, tv, film, advertisements, magazines, music videos, video games (uncharted 2 and 3, battlefield 4, binary domain) news anchors / hosts / media personalities, pornography, government pamphlets, public service announcements, etc.

    ● This hideous white male is gay, but he plays a straight ladies man.



    This decent straight Asian man was turned into a homosexual. He was one of the few Asian men who weren’t castrated…not any more…



    Why does this matter?

    We’re brainwashed

    One simple test

    ● Just ask yourself, if an alien invasion hit earth, who would protect us?

    If you named America, you have been successfully been brainwashed by hollywood propaganda.

    The most likely scenario is that America would make a deal to betray the rest of the world in exchange for technology and protection as the alien’s second in command. Remember, these white “Christians” are the same people who preach Christian love and practice mass rape, genocide, plunder on a scale unseen the history of the world against ALL non-white people on the planet.

    ● Close your eyes again and think of the most spiritual and loving person.

    Did you see the face of 500+ years of rape and slaughter AKA Jesus?

    ● Close your eyes again and think of a terrorist. Did you see this?


    You have been brainwashed again.

    Here is the actual terrorist [part of a white only club that includes the anglo Five eyes]



    But it doesn’t stop there. In other films, whites steal credit from non-whites. Attila the Hun starring white guy, Gerald Butler is an example. Here are some comments on that film…

    “Anyone not knowing Attila or The Huns will have the wrong idea about him/them after watching this movie. This movie is also a great discredit to the legacy of The Huns as well as any descendants of The Huns”

    “Atilla and Hunnes were most definitely Asian in origin, not picture-like Caucasian as they shown”



    Any anti-Asian propaganda hurts ALL Asians

    Any anti-Chinese or Korean or Japanese or whatever propaganda = anti-ALL Asian propaganda because they can’t tell us apart. Don’t think your Korean body is safe because a western film insults Chinese people. We’re all in the same “group”.

    Debunked excuses

    The following debunks a list of racist white excuses these lying hypocrites use to gas light Asians and deflect blame. We must ignore them and inflict unbearable consequences on them until they stop. Be extremely careful about trusting whites. They are an extraordinarily duplicitous and conniving race.

    Whitewashing isn’t real

    It’s real. Read the rest of this page.


    Asian stereotypes are based in reality

    There are many negative Jewish stereotypes that exist in real life (greedy, spineless, small penis, nonathletic). Why won’t the Jewish-controlled media perpetuate them? Similarly, pedophilia is an epidemic in the white race in their families and churches. Why aren’t there tv shows, films, and documentaries that stereotype them as pedophiles all day long? What about white male terrorism? Entire continents were stolen through invasion, rape, and genocide. Where are the “barbaric psychopath” stereotypes for them?

    Children don’t care about race

    Children’s self-esteem generally goes down as TV watching goes up. But white boys are the exception, according to a new study published in the journal Communications Research.

    More TV, Less Self-Esteem, Except for White Boys - ABC News:

    It’s just harmless entertainment

    See “Why does this matter?” section

    Children’s self-esteem generally goes down as TV watching goes up. But white boys are the exception, according to a new study published in the journal Communications Research.

    More TV, Less Self-Esteem, Except for White Boys - ABC News:


    Here are some reviews when people watch anti-Asian films…

    Olympus Has Fallen racist reactions:
    ● "watching Olympus has Fallen, fuck you you slanty eyed piece of shit Koreans"
    ● "Olympus has fallen made me hate gooks 100x more than I already do"
    ● "My hatred for Chinks, Terrorists, and Koreans has just esculated"
    ● "Olympus has fallen proves what I’ve said for years. NEVER trust those fuckin chinks."
    ● "If the movie “Olympus Has Fallen” doesn’t make you want to punch an Asian in the face then you must not be an American"
    ● "The movie “Olympus Has Fallen” makes me wanna go punch my local Chinese store owner"
    ● "Just saw Olympus Has Fallen. I wanna go buy a gun and kill every fucking Asian."


    Red Dawn racist reactions:
    ● "The only reason I’m going to see red dawn is cause there’s sexy ass guys running around with guns killing Asians my type of movie!"
    ● "I now hate all Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Korean people. Thanks."
    ● "After watching red dawn makes me really hate Asian people now."
    ● "Lmao the movie red dawn has brought such hate to the asian population…i love it"
    ● Red dawn was sickkk…just another reason why to hate the asians."
    ● “If you’re asian or look Korean…i don’t like you…”

    Racist idiots watch <I>Red Dawn</I>, tweet about it:

    TV can’t brainwash people

    See “It’s just harmless entertainment”

    Also, advertisements which represent only 23.7% of tv time can brainwash people to buy things they don’t need at outrageous prices with money they need to borrow. Keeping up with new editions of the iphone is pointless. Each iteration barely makes a difference yet people line up around the block to buy it as if it’ll cure cancer. See brainwashing proof for many more examples.

    Broadcast networks averaged 13 minutes and 25 seconds of commercial time per hour in 2009, which grew to 14 minutes and 15 seconds in 2013, the story reports.
    How Many Minutes of Commercials Are Shown in an Average TV Hour? The Number Has Been Steadily Climbing | TVWeek:

    Asian men just don’t sell

    Four reasons why this is pure shit

    ● First, See “Important Facts” note about Sessue Hayakawa

    ● Second, hot Asian men are excluded or feminized while unattractive Asian men are promoted heavily.

    For example, Kpop has lots of hot guys. They weren’t imported, but PSY was heavily promoted.

    Another example is Godfrey Gao, who is a heterosexual 6’4 super attractive model. He couldn’t get any roles in America, but became an instant heart throb in Asia.


    He was finally offered a role in the 2013 Western film, Mortal Instruments, where he was turned into homosexual with makeup and wears no pants.


    ● Third, there’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of Asian stereotyping begets anti-Asian racism and this is compounded by the use of movie tropes as shortcuts.They keep casting sexless Asian males so it’s hard to see them as a sexual partner for white females which reduces ticket sales and allows them to falsely claim “Asian male leads can’t make money” unless they’re a clown / kung fu / sexless sidekick, which feeds the problem again. Imagine if for your films, you replace your Brad Pitt and George Clooneys with Troy Verne and then claim “hot white male leads just don’t sell…only white dwarfs do. Sorry, it’s just the market forces.”.

    ● Fourth, stars are not born. They’re made by the studios. That’s how unknown white males become stars, while equally or more deserving Asian men struggle for work. If they can make that hideous actor, Jonah Hill, an Oscar contender, they can very well find a capable Asian American male lead who isn’t a total embarrassment like Ken Jeong.

    Jonah Hill [that’s not Photoshopped to my knowledge]. He is that ugly.

    It’s not racism, it’s just money. that’s why they have white actors to appeal to the white audience

    Bullshit. Hollywood films with diverse casts actually make more money than all-white casts.


    Most people who see Hollywood films are not white Americans. During the first weekend of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [2009], white Americans made up only a third of the audience at best.

    It’s extremely unlikely to only be racism. As I have repeatedly shown, it has to do with mind control.

    You are over reacting

    No. There’s a tv show that white people generally hate and it’s called “The Hillbilly Renaissance”. It showcases hillbillies who are uncivilized white people or more colloquially known as “white trash”. That is one show.

    Imagine how whites would react if 95+% of portrayals of their race was a version of “The Hillbilly Daughter Incest Renaissance”. That’s what it feels like for Asians - ESPECIALLY for Asian men.

    They are using clever satire to magnify these stereotypes to a ridiculous degree to dismantle them?

    No. First of all, most people are morons who can’t recognize let alone appreciate satire. Secondly, simply observe the results of this so-called “satire”, which I assure you, it is not.

    ● After Luk Duk Dong appeared in 16 Candles, hundreds of thousands of Asian boys were mocked with lines from that racist character.
    ● After Mr. Chow from the Hangover series, hundreds of thousands of Asians boys were mocked with lines from that racist character.

    I’m waiting for the “all white people are pedophiles satire”.

    Aren’t Asian men just too short for leading roles?


    The following hollywood stars are not tall:
    ● Tom Cruise 5’8
    ● Robert Downey Jr 5’7
    ● Zac Efron 5’8
    ● Mel Gibson 5’9
    ● Sylvester Stallone 5’8
    ● Jason Statham 5’10
    ● Jean Claude Van Damme 5’9
    ● Matt Damon 5’10
    ● Johnny Depp 5’9
    ● Jeremy Reener 5’8
    ● Charles Bronson 5’8
    ● Taylor Lautner 5’8
    ● Joseph Gordon-Levitt 5’9
    ● Daniel Radcliff 5"6 (AKA Harry Potter)
    ● Josh Hutcherson 5’7
    ● Dominic Cooper 5’9
    ● Aaron Paul 5’8
    ● Norman Reedus 5’10

    All these big movie stars are 5’10 and under. The average is 5’8

    Asians just don’t live in the time and place of the films.

    Wrong. The movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” had a prominent Black character in the unlikely setting of Medieval England. By contrast, tv shows set in big Asian enclaves like “L.A. Law,” “Chicago Hope,” “Murphy Brown,” etc feature no regular Asian characters.

    Doesn’t hollywood cast white males because it matches their demographic?


    First, see “Important Facts” point one about Sessue Hayakawa

    Second, if it’s about matching their demographic, there would be way more minority in lead roles.

    Third, how is it that “Western” films are accepted and supported in non-white countries? Tons of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos, etc. will gladly flock to a showing of an all-white casted movie in all countries in Asia.

    How is that Whites can easily relate to trolls like Shrek, the alien midget from ET, the monsters from Monsters Inc, the cookie monster and talking trashcan and giant bird from Sesame Street, the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a guy with scissors for hands from Edward Scissorhands?


    …yet they just can’t handle this Asian guy?


    Don’t they hire white people because there’s more to choose from? / There just aren’t any Asian actors to pick from, right?

    First, why is it that you can’t find a suitable non-white actor to play a good guy but you have zero problems finding the Asians to play demeaning, loser, sexless, racist, stereotypical, villainous roles?

    Second, why does America’s Hollywood hires British actors to play Asian roles? See Jim Sturgess in the films, 21 and Cloud Atlas.

    Asian cinema is racist

    Some white racist will say something to the effect of…

    Actually, movies in China also have some discrimination against foreigners (white people or Japanese) to smooth their inferiority, especially Kung Fu movies, and especially Kung Fu movies relate to legendary characters. In those movies, foreigners are villain, and those legendary masters defeat the villainous foreigners and become hero, but usually they will be killed by foreigners with despicable way (poison or sneak attack). - fucking moron

    This is called history.

    Read about the Boxer’s Rebellion. White “Christian” British saviors poisoned China with opium during the two Opium Wars

    There are no white leads in Asia and Asians are far represented in Hollywood than whites are in Asian films.

    first, whites in Asia are less than 1/2 of a single percent of the population. They are extremely over represented across Asia in a positive manner that is in contradiction to their real life behavior [pedophiles, sexpats, and leeches].

    Second, Asians in the west are over 5% of the population. They vastly underrepresented across media especially Asian men. The vast majority of their presentation is complete insult to their race, culture, and gender. It’s essentially institutionalized abuse.

    White people are mocked too

    This is a false equivalence.

    Look at the net effect. For every white goof there are dozens if not hundreds to thousands of positive portrayals of white males across all media. Even in in a film making fun of a white character, there will be other positive white characters to balance out the negative white character.

    How many times growing up did someone ask you if you lived in a trailer park, were the product of incest, or if you raped your dog? Ask an Asian kid how often he was mocked by lines in a film or called Jackie Chan in a condescending manner.

    Stop being so sensitive / you’re being so politically correct / etc

    Would you like to trade places? The case should be closed with that alone, but let’s drive home the point with some proof of their pure hypocrisy.

    Acceptable racism according to whites who claim "It’s all about the story. Stop being so anal about the characters.

    [1] Cumberbatch as South Asian character, Khan Noonien SINGH in Star Trek
    [2] Emma Stone as Allison NG in Aloha, a place filled with Asians
    [3] Scarlett Johansson as Motoko KUSANAGI in Ghost in the Shell

    [1] Gerard Butler as Attila the HUN


    Unacceptable racism according to whites who now claim “We need to honor the source material.”

    [1] Norse God, Heimdall, is being played by black actor Idris Elba. [film - Thor 2011]

    Last year, white supremacists launched a boycott of Thor when Idris Elba, a black actor whose parents are both African, was cast as the Norse deity Heimdall.

    “Thor” Director Responds To Angry White Supremacists


    [2] Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson [film - The Avengers 2012]

    The casting of a black actor to play Marvel’s ‘white’ Avenger Nick Fury has sparked an audience backlash

    Online anger erupts over blockbuster’s 'racelifting’


    [3] The Human Torch, played by Michael B Jordan [film - The Fantastic Four 2015]

    The actor, who is black, will be playing a character who has always been portrayed in comic books — and a previous film series — as a caucasian man. That’s led to some long-time fans to cry foul, but the reaction wasn’t much of a surprise to him.

    Michael B. Jordan on ‘Fantastic Four’ Racist Backlash: ‘It Was Expected’:


    The best example is The Hunger Games because there is a the anger that a Black kid is played by a…Black kid yet a non-white lead is played by a white actor.

    ● A black character in the novel is played by a black actress and racist comments come out.


    …yet, there is silence when the lead character, Katniss Everdeen, who is described as a non-white character, is whitewashed with a white actor.

    straight black hair, olve skin




    Misunderstandings by Asians themselves

    These are not racist white excuses, but rather misunderstandings about the nature of Asians in media.

    “Martial artist” are bad roles for Asians.

    Wrong. The real problem is Asian men doing martial arts roles are portrayed as misogynistic, creepy, have no personality, or they’ll be play the faceless punching bags whose lives don’t matter. For example, the Chinese guy in Kill Bill 2 was some weird old man who “hated white women”.

    Meanwhile, non-Asians doing martial arts roles were humorous, likable, honorable, and had heart-moving backstories that the audience cared for. Jason Statham is a martial arts “expert” has “witty” dialogue, beats up hordes of Asian men, saves and has sex with an Asian woman in The Transporter.

    Another example is The Expendables which shows the difference between white and Asian characters. White Jason Statham defended a woman, made jokes, and built camaraderie with the team. Asian Jet Li had no personality, had his size belittled, and got manhandled by white Dolph Lundgren.

    “Geeks” are bad roles for Asians.

    Wrong. The real problem is Asian men doing geek roles are emasculated, feminine, and completely undesirable.

    Hipsters are glorified geeks. The Social Network (2010) film is about the biggest geek, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. That big geek is married to an Asian woman. In the film, these geeks get their dicks sucked by an Asian woman in a public restroom. Other examples include Jobs (Steve Jobs of Apple movie), Good Will Hunting, and Hackers.

    In the American tv show, Dexter, there are two lab geeks. The white lab geek is an ultra-cool physically built lady-magnet who kills serial killers. The Asian lab geek is a bald and creepy looking pervert who repulses women.

    There’s nothing wrong with being good at math, science, computers, comic books, video games, and indie music. When white people get these roles they’re made likeable. When they’re Asian, they’re made unlikable.

    If whites can make fat, jobless, drunk druggies seem irresistible to women who are cool enough to be a likeable “bro” (Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera), then the problem is not the role or the actor, but how they’re portrayed.

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