Luna360: The World's Smallest 360º Camera

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    This is an incredible product with a superbly done ad. I couldn’t stop watching.


    Luna360’s Founders

    Three of the four are Asians.

    Servando Canales
    Exponential Entrepreneur, Industrial Engineer, Singularity University Alumni. Passionate about technology and the impact it can have on tomorrow’s world.

    Chiang Fon
    The mastermind behind FLUX 3D Printer Kickstarter campaign design. Using Adobe Illustrator to do everything in his life. Deep believing the best way to create, is to create things that helps to create.

    Ju-Chun Ko
    JC is the first Taiwanese participant in Singularity University. He has Computer Science Ph. D with artistic habit, entrepreneurial mind, and hacker spirit. He co-founded Linkwish Inc and Memora Inc.

    Gaurav Gupta
    GG is an entrepreneur with a love for design and technology. A mechanical engineer by training,he loves tinkering as much as he loves spreadsheets.



    Team behind the Ad


    Again, mostly Asians.

    Presented by : Memora Inc.
    Executive Producer: 殷振豪 Yin ChenHao、黃世萱 Huang ShihHsuan

    Written & Director by: 江尚峰 Fon Chiang
    1st A.D.: 劉盈均Baba Liu
    2nd A.D.: 陳妍蓉 Chen YenJung
    Director Assistant: 洪奇慧 Hung ChiHui
    Producer: 林怡潔
    P.A.: 黃筱晴、吳芳源
    D.P. : 蘇景霈 Su ChingPey
    1st AC: 余書豪
    2nd AC: 丁丁
    Dolly Grip: 張世旻
    Art Director: 蘇景霈 Su ChingPey
    SetDec: 楊琇雯
    Gaffer: 鄭元貫
    Best Boy Electric: 邱順發
    Electrician: 黃偉傑 郭耀昇
    Editor: 陳妍蓉
    Colorist: 陳妍蓉
    Special Props: 派比
    VFX: 陳妍蓉 派比
    Still Photographer: 謝元祥
    Music by Thomas Foguenne
    Recording: 戴陽 Tai Yang
    Sound Mixer: 小眼先森 MR.XY
    Announcer: Kronis Kent E. Krahn
    Cast: Garth Synnestvedt 王泰然 何珮瑜 洪頂鈞 彭楚晴 黃瑜雯 劉又禎 簡持中
    Equipment: 蜻蜓製作傳播有限公司、利達數位影音
    Special Thanks: 孑孓大神 小金魚們 搶眼錄音室 陳崇仁



    There’s nothing uncreative about us. Go out and make stuff happen.

  • That is awesome. Must be crazy expensive tho :(

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