Comedy -- Western Quality -- US Navy's latest 12.9 Billion USD aircraft carrier doesn't work; at least two years late.

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    US Navy’s newest $12.9bn supercarrier doesn’t work: Most expensive warship ever built ‘struggles with jets taking off and landing’ according to internal memo as delivery is delayed again
    $12.9 billion warship, the USS Gerald R. Ford, is not ready for combat, the Department of Defense says
    The massive ‘supercarrier’ is the most expensive Navy warship ever built and is due to be commissioned this year
    The ship delivery is scheduled for November, more than two years late of its original date of September 2014
    A government memo says ‘poor or unknown reliability issues’ are behind the latest roll out problems with the ship

    US Navy’s most expensive warship ever built ‘struggles with jets taking off and landing’ | Daily Mail Online:

    Show this the next time someone complains about “Chinese crap”. Don’t forget the F35 Turkey that “can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run”, the Littoral Combat Ship that is an over-priced sitting duck, and the too expensive to use Zumwalt-class destroyer that was scrapped after only approving 3 of the planned 32 units. Incredible Western leadership and American quality all the way…


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