Joe Biden VP of USA, creepy and unapologetic pedophile. Lock your daughters and sons.

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    White degeneracy - pedophilia.

    People couldn’t believe it despite me showing FBI research. Maybe you’ll believe your own eyes?




    Caption: fucking idiot [right]

    This is the problem with many Asians in a single picture. You smile while some creepy white guy molests your kids. Stop being such a push-over


    caption: watch this master pedophile work his creepy magic and his insatiable hands on prepubescent girls

    oh, buh buh…he’s just overflowing with “Christian” love

    Why doesn’t he lovingly stroke Mr. Chang’s hair and face?


    You ever wonder why so many Korean Adoptees want to end adoption? Well, pedophilia is a big part of Western culture [Unspeakable Father Daughter Incest American History |] so it’s obvious these kids are going through traumatic shit. Why do they love to mostly adopt Asian girls [91%]? [ click and download to view the full image]

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    Look at those creepy “fathers” with their lecherous hands all over these poor girls.

    Photographer documents American fathers and their adopted Chinese children: Shanghaiist


    Protect your children from white pedophiles.



  • Wtf is wrong with him?! Creepy guy is creepy. It doesn’t look like he discriminates by age either–as long as you’re female aged 1+, you meet his requirements for harassment/molestation.

    I used to have a chemistry professor that was like him (also white). I remembered running up to him to ask him a question about a problem I couldn’t figure out and he went behind me pretending to peer over my shoulder at the book I was holding up. But then I realized he was pressing his entire body against mine and the moment I felt his thighs pressed up against my butt, I freaked out and told him, “It’s ok, I figured it out” and ran back to my desk. That was creepy as hell and I still shudder thinking about it now.

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