Why is afwm / wmaf / awwm / wmaw so common? AKA why is amwf / wfam so rare? AKA Why do Asian women hate Asian men AKA why do Asian women love white guys AKA Why is the interracial dating / interracial marriage disparity so high?

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    Why do Asian women date out / marry out so much?

    This fully explains why Asian females date out so much and why Asian men have a hard time dating

    Briefly, it comes down to these main factors [taken from the above link]:

    The big eight - The biggest ones have two bullets [applies to Asian men and Asian females]:

    ● ● internalized racism / self hate and white worship.
    See internalized racism expose
    See Where did Asians learn to hate themselves and worship whites

    ● ● Systemic and global anti-Asian male racism and hyper-sexualization of Asian females with only white males. This is pervasive across Western societies, but especially in super racist Anglo-American nations. Large minority to likely majority of society including peers, friends, etc will encourage afwm and discourage Amxf even Amaf. It’s that insidious. Here is their history of smearing Asian men since the first day they met us. No, none of this is made up. It’s all real

    Here is the hypersexualization of Af with almost only white males - almost never Asian men.

    And yes, racism is that important. One very good looking half Asian half white guy did an online dating experiment using the same photo. In one profile he claimed to be Asian and in the other he claimed to be white. The difference was astronomical.


    This shocked even me. I knew racism was a problem but I thought Asian men often looked too nerdy but this destroys many excuses used by racists:

    • it’s just preferences
    • Am stop whining
    • Am are too ugly
    • They need more confidence
    • They have no personality
    • They’re too shy
    • etc

    ● ● Asian culture/upbringing based on obedience, submissiveness, tolerance makes us easy targets for racism and also creates what the west calls “weak” men eg spineless. Our parents taught us to mind our own business and just worry about ourselves instead of fighting back. This has resulted with Anti-Asian racism being wide spread and socially accepted, whereas they tread carefully around any other race because they know there are consequences. Women including many of our own hate “weak” men. It’s repulsive and have they have no respect for us. What’s worse, Af end up showing tolerance/obedience to racist wm because they at least, act like men, even if despicable. See a full list of cultural defects here.

    In general, we are not men. We don’t act nor look like men. You are not territorial about your women and are ultra stupid too. You allow wm into your social circle to poach women while they cock block you from their women while spreading lies about you.

    You think you’re the “bigger man” by being “above all this”? No. You’re the biggest BITCH and everyone knows it except you and our well-meaning but oblivious parents and governments.

    ● Regardless of what is said. It’s Asian men who must take full responsibility. Our forefathers totally fucked up. For decades, we didn’t fight our enemies, didn’t shame the wrong types of Af (even encouraged them dating wm), and groomed our sons into “weak” men to be bullied. We raised sheep to the slaughter for decades.

    ● Physical differences. Asian men are smaller and shorter on average = less masculine. This is changing, but for now, it’s generally accepted truth. Asian females are shorter and smaller = more feminine. It’s partly genetic, but largely diet, malnutrition in Asia from western imperialism, and a disinterest in athletics combined with a suicidal “nerd culture”.

    ● ● Asian men who feel beaten by the negative media images and lose confidence in themselves.

    ● ● The vast majority of you, especially clueless immigrants, match negative stereotypes such as a nerd, geek, scrawny, girly, girly hair, etc. So many Asian men do not look or behave like masculine men. You look like female repellent.

    dLFlvGdm.jpg kwVPbuBm.jpg jlPdoRUt.jpg mT57E7Wm.jpg yaBp4DHm.jpg

    To most non-Asian women [I suspect to many Asian women themselves] you guys are the male equivalent of…

    Nrdwhhxm.jpg n2WaHSlm.jpg NCGxkv5m.jpg xCc5mhJm.jpg xWJhp8Em.jpg


    See why the East Asian male “look” is sexual suicide

    ● ● Asian men who resort to complaining instead of improving.

    ● The vast majority of our communities are brainwashed beyond belief and our “leaders” keep this nonsense going.

    In addition to whites, we have three types of internal enemies

    • ● ● Selfish - Asian traitors/sellouts are authors, film makers, etc. They’re also known as sell outs who slander Asians by filling the demeaning / stereotypical roles to support the afwm / evil ugly sexless Am narratives. This is a minority but they are given big support by white racists to spread their poison globally.
    • Spineless - Asians who see the injustice, can help, but choose not to because it’s just easier to go along with it. A lot of our forefathers were this group.
    • Stupid - Useful idiot Asians [male and female] who buy into the brainwashing and slander Asian men while singing undeserved praise to white males. A lot of our people are this.

    If the system works, the stereotypes assigned to the various races are accepted by the races themselves as reality, as fact, and racist love reigns. The minority’s reaction to racist policy is acceptance and apparent satisfaction.

    In terms of the utter lack of cultural distinction in America, the destruction of an organic sense of identity, the complete psychological and cultural subjugation of a race of people, the people of Chinese and Japanese [East Asian mainly] ancestry stand out as white racism’s only success.

    FRANK CHIN BLOG: Racist Love:

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