Warning to Asians in Interracial Relationships about your Hapa Children

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    Did you guess a few were pure Asian? All the pictures above are hapas - every one of them. You see, there is no “superior hapa beauty”.

    Think carefully. Your hapa children will not be happy. They suffer 100% more mental illness than Asian Americans, who suffer the highest rates of mental illness as a monorace group. That’s extremely high. Furthermore, the more Asian they look, they more self hatred and mental illness they suffer.

    Almost all hapa psychopaths have afwm parents.

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    Warning about interracial relationships – mixed race babies AKA hapas

    Many many hapa children hate their parents, almost always the afwm parents.

    Here are the major web sites where you can see for yourself how children of AF/WM couples suffer extreme self-hate, racism from white society, and especially hate they feel towards their parents.


    It is notable that it is overwhelmingly an issue for AF/WM parents – not AM/WF parents.

    AM/WF couples go against anti-Asian male hate so it’s typically more genuine. In contrast, AF/WM relationships are based on anti-Asian racism, self hate, and white worship.

    In contrast, many Asian females insult Asian culture and Asian men, suffer self-hate, worship racist white men who inflicted a legacy of rape and slaughter against her and her ancestors, and then create Asian looking children. The racist people who bully them at school look just like their white father and Asian mother. There is no happy ending.

    Hear from real half-Asian half-white children

    Exact and those white pieces of shit just can’t intellectually process how hypocritical and ridiculous they sound hating on a group whilst at the same time their child often looks just like that hated group yet they instead go into deluded denial and idiotic flip-flopping instead of owning up what is already OBVIOUS to anyone with even a quarter of a brain.
    It’s like some sick Nazi marrying some Jewish chick and therefore having Jewish children - then bashes Jews daily then goes home to his Jewish kids and pretends they’re/everything’s ‘ok’. It’s just beyond sick. Just fuckin’ twisted.
    Exactly we Hapas most of the time end up looking Asian, so when those racist Asian women in WMAF couples bash Asian men they are bashing their sons. The OP is more Asian passing than I am, but even still I’m seen as full Asian by White people. The self delusions that these white washed Asian women have of having White children is just fantasy because phenotypically its rare for a Hapa to be very White passing, and two we are seen as outsiders regardless because we are mixed.

    My Catharsis


    I hear this often, but I think it’s wrong when the vast majority of people do not see past your race/looks. It negatively effects your life, and there’s no benefit.
    Also, when it comes to sexual selection, I can tell you from personal experience that I have had people totally infatuated with me, until the moment they introduced me to her friends. The glances of disapproval quickly cause her to look like she just made a terrible mistake; pretty soon after, it becomes clear that nothing was going anywhere.

    Double standards on racism.


    Why do WMAF couples even have kids in the first place? It’s like, you hate asian males, yet you’re creating one. I just don’t understand. Just save your sons the fucking trouble and abort them. And I’m saying this as someone who was a devout believer of the bible. No one should be selfishly brought to this Earth only to suffer. Imo it’s better to just not exist.

    "You’re not entitled to anything."


    I’m not saying all white guy, asian girl couples are bad, but many both online and in person, are extremely disparaging towards Asian men; and make it seem like their whole relationship is based on disparaging Asian masculinity. As a Half Asian man myself this is extremely depressing and disheartening, and has ruined my own relationship with my white dad and asian mom. It has also destroyed my confidence towards ever forming a romantic relationship myself.
    I don’t want to see my life absorbed and taken over by this angst, as so many other Hapa guys online have been. And yet its hard to escape it, and not be sucked into the negativity. How do I stop hating on these relationships, when its making me feel like my own conception and birth is something evil?

    Racist White-Asian couples make me hate my own birth | EurasianNation:


    As a “white passing” Hapa (at least most of the time), I 100% believe I have benefitted from white privilege.
    I’ve lurked on this sub reddit for several months and never realised how lucky I have been and how messed up the world is particularly from the WMAF perspective.
    I studied law and been employed in top tier law firms without ever failing at a job interview (despite only average grades), dated girls from all races and am engaged to a lovely lady and always been into sports winning some low level best and fairest awards in school and Uni/college. I don’t say this to brag, but seeing how the world treats my full Asian friends and family and more Asian looking Hapas, I can’t help but feel I wouldn’t be living a good life if I was more Asian looking. I see it all the time, friends who are smarter and more accomplished being bullied/overlooked and seen as undateable. People treat me differently when they find out my mother is Asian. Then, as if a switch goes off in a white persons head, they think they can walk over me… It’s obvious and tragic.
    I don’t consider myself white, nor consider myself Asian. But it’s clear, the world considers me white and that’s been to my benefit. If it were the other way around, things wouldn’t have been so good… not much I can add other than this sub reddit is a real eye opener and hopefully people are treated better, regardless of race, in the future.

    Was I born with white privilege? : hapas:


    Also another thing, we have a lot of Hapas with opposing views. Almost all of them look fully white.
    So that’s what it is… hope for a kid who looks white and then push the kid to run with it, there’s no honor in throwing yourself back into the mix as an Asian man. I did it because I had no choice. I ALMOST came close to passing but failed to meet the grade.

    Asian female here. Trying for a baby with a White Male. Came here to get a handle on hapa issues. : hapas:

    Hapa superiority is a racist myth.

    A lot has been said about hapa “superior beauty”, which is a total farce. You believe this because of very high levels of cherry picking. Here are actresses and actors who are not famous. Judge for yourself.

    Mix of pure and hapa Asian females. Can you guess which one is hapa?




    Did you guess a few were pure Asian? All the pictures above are hapas - every one of them. You see, there is no “superior hapa beauty”. Beauty is rare regardless of the genetic composition. However, you are guaranteed to get inferior white genes when partnering with whites. See?


    There’s that inferior skin again…

    A big part of the reason you think hapas are superior is because the hapas that are shown in both Western and Eastern media are the best of the best, which skews your perspective. When you think of hapa celebrities your mind immediately thinks of the rarest of the rare – Maggie Q, Michelle Reis, Russell Wong, Keanu Reeves, etc.

    Here are pure Asians


    Almost only AF/WM children are psychopaths

    Biracial Asian-white children have twice the rates of mental illness

    ‘We cannot underestimate the importance of understanding the social, psychological and experiential differences that may increase the likelihood of psychological disorders among this fast growing segment of the population.’ Among the biracial individuals in their national survey the researchers found 34 percent had been diagnosed with a psychological disorder such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse compared to 17 percent of monoracial individuals.

    Biracial Asian Americans and Mental Health :: UC Davis News & Information:

    However, the vast majority of those mentally unstable come from AF/WM parents. It’s because they suffer mentally when they realize their parents are the product of white racist hate and the cruel racism of society from people who look just like their own parents.

    …I, with the help of some other Hapas, have compiled a list of Hapa Eurasian Half White criminals. They have been divided into categories, those with Asian mothers, and those with White mothers. After a year of research, myself and some others have found four total Eurasian criminals with Asian fathers, compared to dozens from the other category. The bottom line for what’s going on is this - Asian women dislike Asian men yet produce half Asian sons who feel psychological emasculated and seek to emulate Whiteness, which itself is seen as the ticket to being loved and accepted; moreover, since white men often marry Asian women because they have too extreme right wing views to be acceptable to white women, the child itself is also conditioned with these views. Lastly, as Asian women primarily concern themselves with integration and liberation from Asian maleness, they put little thought into the mental health of their half Asian children who have difficulty grasping the concept of being Asian, yet having parents who hated Asian men. Lastly, because the relationship was never based on love, but more so on hate, the children are also being raised in broken homes.
    Hence we see a commonality among these criminals, with Asian mothers, wherein their crimes focus largely around sexual violence, violence against minorities, and in several cases, matricide.

    The Ongoing Mentally Ill Eurasian List: Why Are Hapas Committing So Many Crimes? – The Half Asian Reality; The Truth About Asian Women and White Men

    Alex Arthur Buckner shot parents and two sisters before setting the house on fire

    Elliot Rodger - My-Twisted-World
    pdf http://abclocal.go.com/three/kabc/kabc/My-Twisted-World.pdf

    ISIS-Inspired Suspect Justin Nojan Sullivan Was Turned in By Dad - NBC News

    Matthew de Grood murder trial: Publication ban placed on court document in Calgary stabbings

    Teenage girl who killed her mother by stabbing her 151 times and then beat her with a baseball bat AVOIDS jail after judge declares her insane

    Is Kelly Baltazar the ultimate Eurasian?

    Former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw found guilty of rape - CNN.com

    Paedophile SPARED the death penalty after he cut off his GPS tracker then stabbed mother to death as she tried to stop him raping her daughter, 10

    many many more…


    The source of hapa mental illness, self hatred, and psychopathy are hateful racist white men

    For the Asian American parents interviewed in this study, one clear theme stood out - race did matter, and physical appearance was the primary factor that influenced how their children would fare.
    Experiences of the children, and how they will identify later on in life, would depend to a large extent on how “Asian” or “white” they looked, and the preliminary evidence of this study indicates that children with more Euro American features experience less identity conflict and insecurity.

    Children and the Shifting Engagement with Racial Ethnic Identity among Second Generation Interracially Married Asian Americans


    When asked whether she would care about ethnic cultural maintenance had her kids been Euro ethnic, she confessed that she would not, and that the reason she felt the need to reconnect to her ethnic culture was because her kids have an undeniable Asian appearance.
    Multiracial individuals of Asian ethnicities…were among the most organized and active in recent decades in creating organizations for multiracial people and advocating for their public recognition; rather than blending into whiteness,

    Children and the Shifting Engagement with Racial Ethnic Identity among Second Generation Interracially Married Asian Americans

    The more Asian you look, the more racist hate you suffer. Who inflicts this racist hate? White people - especially white men… who look just like their father. Imagine the horror your child goes through when their own father looks just like the racist bully, sexual predator from their school, work, gym, mall, etc telling them they have a 1 inch dick, they’re going to fuck his sister, they’re a geisha whore, they love dominating little Asian fuck toys, etc. Your husband may be different, but many white racists are just as described. Furthermore, the suffering is much worse for the half-Asian sons who look Asian.


    Parents should always be making decisions in the best interest of their future kids. Your kids are not a fashion accessory. They’re not there to fulfill YOUR dreams. Your job as a parent is more like a butler/mentor equipped with martial law. You’re supposed to be their guide in life and help them become what they want to be.

    Date who you want, but make sure it’s based on mutual love and respect or your children may suffer.

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