You must not forget - WF are racists too.

  • @natalie_ng Definitely agree with this. Please keep in mind that there are a lot of white women who have no problem doxxing the hell out of people if they don’t like them. This ranges from historical accusations of black men for rape/sexual contact to third wave online feminism ratting WMs out online if they make fun of them for whatever reason.

  • @suiko_no_shin Yes this is the neenja video I showed you. As for the sub, I would be VERY careful badmouthing WFs there, if I were you. In fact, if you have nothing nice to say about them, don’t say anything at all, lol. I think that doesn’t just apply to AI though but everywhere and anywhere where men are the majority population.

  • @suiko_no_shin You’ll get downvoted in the sub if you say that lol. Big AMWF circlejerk in the sub. I love AMWF , but still gotta remain wary of WF.

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    Is this the neenja video? I’ve commented on WF being racists too before on AI but it got downvoted at the time. There’s a higher likelihood of WF being racist if they come from a white enclave (whether poor or rich, doesn’t matter).

  • Yeah I saw that video. I spammed her Instagram and currently trying to get my friends to too.

    Idk what to think about the Asian girl. I understand that she might feel too intimidated to do anything because she’s surrounded by a bunch of white trash (she’s outnumbered) but she should at least walk out…unless the reason why she’s not walking out is because they got her to be there so that they can later point at her and say, “Look, she’s not offended! So we’re not being racist!” Either that or she’s an Anna Lu who kisses white ass.

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