Whose fault is it?......It's mostly your fault, Asian men.

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    It’s us, Asian men.

    Who controls Asian society and its families? Asian men. Who allowed wm to enroach on your territory, spit on you, pump and dump your daughters, afwm to be shown across lots of media, hapa faces to be cherry picked as icons of beauty, white male pedophiles to become teachers and priests and sexpats in Asia, popularized men who look like hideous half-man children, white males to look good without being exposed and shamed, etc?

    We did.

    In a nutshell, we’ve been shit tested for decades by everyone including our women and our fathers have totally fucked up. When men continually fail shit tests, the women have no more respect for them.[search for shit test]. Our women have no respect for us because we do not behave like men who confront our enemies and keep our community safe from predators.

    Full Version

    Most societies are patriarchal. Asians are no exception. This means the males control the society. Ultimate responsibility falls on Asian men for everything.

    Many of us like to blame white supremacy for a lot of the hardships that have befallen on us. They are guilty, but so are we Asian men. Let me count the ways we completely fucked up.

    ● Girly / androgynous aesthetic. Your aesthetic works no where in the world except Asia [even that is debatable] yet you cling onto this female repellent style.

    aiVxcyxm.jpg W6bUa3lm.jpg dLFlvGdm.jpg kwVPbuBm.jpg jlPdoRUt.jpg mT57E7Wm.jpg yaBp4DHm.jpg

    No one is put a gun to your head. YOU chose to look like a hideous half man.

    ● You should know wm are the world’s #1 pedophiles yet… you put them in esl schools full of your virgin daughters to deflower…while you pay them exorbitant sums of money…when they are not even qualified.

    Of the 413 people arrested as part of the agency’s ‘Innocent Images’ investigation since 1995, ‘only a handful have not been upper middle class, educated white men,’ said Special Agent Pete Gulotta who serves as the investigation’s chief spokesman. ‘They’re almost all white males between the ages of 25 and 45.’

    Pedophile profile: Young, white, wealthy

    ● You know whites insult you and spread lies about you globally yet…you present the West as a superior post-racial, non violent, paradise despite that being completely untrue. Their prison population is vastly larger, crime rates are through the roof, dehumanizing racism is entrenched in its society and institutions.

    ● You know wm come to exploit your women [while insulting you and spreading vicious lies about you] yet… you befriend them introduce them to naive Af.

    Insanely enough, parents often encourage their daughters to marry out [mostly to white males] who specifically view Asian men with racist beliefs that she is an inferior submissive sex object who is a replacement for white feminists. They don’t view your daughter with respect at all.

    Asian women are rendered hyperfeminine: passive, weak, quiet, excessively submissive, slavishly dutiful, sexually exotic, and available for white men Controlling images of Asian women also make them especially vulnerable to mistreatment from men [non-Asian, but especially white] who view them as easy targets.

    Asian American Women And Racialized Femininities ‘Doing’ Gender across Cultural Worlds


    There are literally hundreds of websites, blogs and forums devoted to attacking virtually all women (or, at least, Westernized ones) — the so-called “manosphere,”…While some of them voice legitimate and sometimes disturbing complaints about the treatment of men, what is most remarkable is the misogynistic tone that pervades so many. Women are routinely maligned as sluts, gold-diggers, temptresses and worse; overly sympathetic men are dubbed “manginas”. This kind of woman-hatred is increasingly visible in most Western societies, and it tends to be allied with other anti-modern emotions.

    The men’s movement also includes mail-order-bride shoppers, unregenerate batterers, and wannabe pickup artists who are eager to learn the secrets of “game”—the psychological tricks that supposedly make it easy to seduce women.

    Some take an inordinate interest in extremely young women, or fetishize what they see as the ultra-feminine (read: docile) characteristics of South American and Asian women.

    The common denominator is their resentment of feminism and of females in general.

    Leader’s Suicide Brings Attention to Men’s Rights Movement | Southern Poverty Law Center:


    ● Christianity (you may not know about it) is full of shit yet…you allow these hypocritical duplicitous pedophiles to preach all over the place so they learn to worship whites while raping your children.


    Christianity is just a religious ethnocentric construct. A racist mind set that metaphorically places “The White Man’s Imagination” at the center of the universe, making the white Christian “divinely” superior to all other races on the planet/universe, as affirmed by St. Peter in the Popes’ Papal Bull documents. Therefore, giving themselves the self-proclaimed “divine” right to be the “Chosen People” to wage “Crusade” on ANY land inhabited by the non-Christian and thereby claiming those lands in the name of the Christian Monarchs.

    This book is a tough read for the Christian, but is a must-read for those wanting to understand the “Why” behind the ongoing oppression and genocide of indigenous people around the world.

    Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery


    UN slams Vatican for ‘efforts to cover up’ pedophile priests in sex abuse scandal
    The Vatican faced blistering criticism from a United Nations committee Thursday over allegations it protected pedophile priests at the expense of victims in what constituted a worldwide sex abuse scandal.

    UN slams Vatican for ‘efforts to cover up’ pedophile priests in sex abuse scandal - World News:


    ● You bemoan their soft power yet…you allow massive imports of Western propaganda / media inside your nations and China even let them build an entire Disneyland theme park to brainwash children.

    ● You know the vast majority of whites are unqualified trash [unlike most Asian emigrants to Western nations] yet…you pay them big money to look “international”

    ● Meanwhile, in the West, many Asian male emigrants die alone thanks to an endless smear campaign that is so racist and depraved that your women learn to hate you due to lies and are getting passed around by wm for easy sex all day.

    ● This is all happening while certain nations like Vietnam and China already suffer a huge shortage of women.

    ● You know there is a racist glass ceiling preventing your rise yet…you back stab Asians while kissing white ass, who use you as high-tech coolies 2.0 while they earn the big pay for so-called “management”.

    ● You know they have committed many horrific wars, genocides, and mass rapes in Asia yet… you perfect new weapons of mass murder for them inside their weapons laboratories.

    Asian men, you’re the key blame for the vast majority of your situation. You are ultra stupid. No other race of men would tolerate and be in complicit with even a fraction of what we suffer.

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