Asian Men: Fringe and Pretty boy hairstyles are NOT attractive

  • @secondstrike & @neonfuzion Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I don’t find this look attractive either and I do hope they will get rid of it. I’m just merely pointing out that it’s not completely these men’s fault for sporting this style. It’s more or less the women’s fault too for having bad taste (either that, or they’re closet lesbians, which might explain the popularity of bishounens in Japan).

  • I too agree with @secondstrike , even if AF in asia find it attractive , it is better for us to look masculine and be attractive to many women , instead of Asian women. If god forbid some reason asian women in asia starting becoming Anna Lu … at least we won’t be stuck in a endless pit of doom.

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    @natalie_ng No offense to Af, but Am need to take back control of what is considered attractive. Even in the rare chance that Af in Asia find this attractive, it’s detrimental to us men. Just looking like that is an open invitation to every foreigner to look down on us and think they own the place. Sadly, many of these places have pockets that are exactly like that. There is no hint of masculinity nor a hint of their ability to protect the women in their lives. Are any women attracted to that? It’s unfathomable to me.

  • I wonder if the results would be the same when you ask Korean women in Korea. I remembered reading somewhere about how Japanese men try to look more feminine on purpose because that was what Japanese women were into so I’m wondering if the popularity of the kpop look is due to Korean women being attracted to that.

    That being said, I do agree with the white women here on what look they see as more attractive but that could be because most of the Asian guys in my life don’t sport that hairstyle and neither do the Asian actors I’ve watched growing up. It might be different for Korean women–who knows.

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